Scientific works






№№ Title Printed or as themanuscript Publishing house, magazine (name, number, year) or number of the copyright certificate Number of printed pages Surnames of coauthors
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1 Dependence of a condition of attached opening on a time interval between tunneling works and second working (article) printed Materiály VI mezinárodní vêdecko – praktická konference “Efektivní nástroje moderních vêd – 2010”. –Díl 22. Technické vêdy. Matematika. Výstavba a architektura: Praha. Publishing House “Education and Science”. 2010 p.27-29 Elimanov K.K.Dolgonosov V. N.
2 Exploration of physicomechanical properties of Nurkazgan deposit. printed Science and education of the XXI century, 2010 – Sofia. p.20-22 Kapasova A.Z.
3 Probleme und Perspektiven  der Verwendung der Globalen  Position Systems auf der Tagebau in Kasachstan printed Energiewirtschaft im Ost und Mitteleuropa  Zittau/Goerlitz  2010. Mozer D.V.Toleubekova Zh.Z.
4 Geomechanical justification of parameters of zones of dangerous deformations by underground mining printed «Environmental problems in the modern world in the light of V.I.Vernadsky’s doctrine». Materials of the international conference 3-4.06.2010. Volume 2. MES Russian Federation. Tambov. 2010. P. 188-191 p.188-191 Sabdenbekuly O.Zhunusova G. E.

Nagibin A.A.

5 Calculation of stability of ash dumps and protecting dams printed Materials VI of the International scientific and practical conference «Dynamika naykawych badac-2010» Volume 10. Techniczne nayki. Nowoczesne informacyjne technologie. Matematyka. Fizyczna kultura I sport. – Przemyśl: Nayka i studia, 2010. p.46-49. Besimbayeva O. G.,Dolgonosov V. N.,

Dolgonosova E.V.

6 Mine survey and geodesy department and geodesy of KarSTU on a threshold of the XXI century printed Condition and prospects of development of mine surveying: Materials of the International scientific and practical conference, November 8-10, 2010. – Ekaterinburg: UGGU, 2011. – 260p. p.5-10
7 Analytical way of calculation of stability of a slope on weak base of unlimited capacity printed Mountain magazine «News of higher education institutions» of No. 2. 2011. – page 57-64 p.57-64 Dolgonosov V. N.Ozhigin S.G.