Welcome to the training

Welcome to the training
Do you want to find a job of your dreams?
To make a brilliant career and success in life?
Welcome to the training
«Your first step to Success!»
Training is intended for students and graduates of Universities and for people who is actively looking for work.

As a result of this training, you will learn:

-how to determine what area you wish to make a career;

-how to effectively search for a job, make a good summary and successfully pass the interview;

-basic principles of Success owned super successful people.

Cost of training: students and graduates of Universities

3 000 KZT for people with experience 5000 KZT.

Record on the training is held before November 25, 2013

by phone: 8 701 160 20 80, 8 705 314 08 08

(hurry up, the number of places is limited)

Make your first step to Success!

Just call and sign up for the training!