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Мay 20, 2018 in the half-marathon “Armanga zhol” took place in Karaganda was attended by a student of 1 course speciality “Biotechnology” group BT-17-1 (curator – Zhaksybayeva M.E.) Kairat Zhenis. He was awarded a medal for active participation in the marathon.

April 19, 2018 the second year student of the specialty biotechnology Kerimkulova Altynai (curator M.A.Kinayatov ) took part in the XXII regional contest “Zhas Kanat – 2018” timed to the 60th anniversary of the regional TV channel “SARYARQA” and the 20th anniversary of Astana and was awarded a Letter of Appreciation and certificate.



April 17, 2018 in the auditorium 48, building 5, in 13.10-14.55, according to the plan of the demonsration of presentation on theme ” Prospects for the development of mineral processing of non-ferrous metal ores”. The group of student of MP-16-1 and MP-16-2,and invited guest senior curator Zhaksybayeva M.E.

The presiding chairmen:

Acting Head of  Ch and ChT Department – Takibayeva Altynayar Temirbekovna,


Associate Professor, Ph.D. – Omarova Nadezhda Kakibayevna;

Senior Lecturer – Sherembaeva Rymkesh Tyulyukhanovna;

Assistant – Rakhimbekova Akerke Berikovna;

teacher – Marzhan Zhaksybayevna Kaiyrbaeva.

The Students who represented their material:

Kaldarbek Ultus student group of MP-16-1 has appeared with the theme of “Perspectives for the development of light weight polyurethane ore of bleaching metals”;

Seisenbek Aziza  student group of MP-16-1 was screened by the theme “Karagajlenskaya obogatnylynny Factory”;

Serikova Gulzhaina student group of MP-16-2 was posted on the topic “Zhezkazgan Fertilizer Factory”;

Kazanbayev Zhandos student group of  MP-16-1 sounded or captivated the “Jayremskaya Processing Factory”;

Shapenova Zarina student group of MP-16-2 theme was posted on the “Balkhash Regulator”.

After each presentation, the students asked questions and if they gave the right answer ,they were granted with stars. By the end of the presentation materials, the crossword  was released on the theme called “Enrichment of Useful Fossils”.

April 17, 2018 was an intellectual game on kazakh language called”Chemical Brain-Ring “. The event was held within the framework of the University’s comprehensive program to increase the number of students involved in socially useful activities, to strengthen the spiritual and moral values of “Eternal State” and “Spiritual Modernization”.

In this event 3 teams of students of specialty 5В072100 – “Chemical technology of organic substances” took part. The purpose of the event is to stimulate the development of intellectual and cognitive capabilities of students, the development of creative activity, the propagation of scientific knowledge and the development of student’s interest in scientific activity.


April 5, 2018 students of group BT-16-2 Salykova Zhanar and Tuteeva Pakızat participated in the festival of the Karaganda State Technical University called “El zhuregi – Astana” (Ел жүрегі – Астана), dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the capital Republic of Kazakhstan in the nomination “National Dance” and became the III prize winner.

March 14, 2018 students of the Department “Chemistry and chemical technologies” of the faculty of Innovative Technologies celebrated the holiday of spring and nature renewal in KSTU being of the first. The celebration day coincided with the ancient festival of unusual holiday of Kazakhs “Korisu ait or Amal” (literal translation – “to see”). This day people visit each other, shake hands and say: “Happy last year!”.

The scene in the Palace of Youth “Zhastar alemi” was specially bright and colourful. Students prepared shanyrak and decoration of the yurt on their own. They organized a real “shashu” – musical-dramatized representation “Armysyn, az Nauryz!” with the participation of singers, dombra players, well-dressed girls in national dresses, tables with the main ritual dish of this festival – Nauryz-kozhe!

Students performed folk songs and dances, modern musical works of the Kazakh composers and prominent authors. They demonstrated national ceremonies “Besikke salu”, “Tusau kesu”, participated in national games and sports “Arkan tartu”, “Kush synasu”.

Guests were offered to taste Nauryz-kozhe, baursaks and other Kazakh national dishes.

At the end of the festival, the organizers and participants of the concert were awarded with letters of thanks on behalf of the Dean of the faculty of innovative technologies Gulfarida Yergaliyevna Samashova.

February 27, 2018 for students and undergraduates of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies held a seminar “School of a Young Leader”, organized by the senior teacher of the department “Chemistry and Chemical Technologies” – Ostapenko MS.

This seminar was conducted by the best team leader of volunteers Astana EXPO-2017, a graduate of the school of public service, reservist of the youth reserve project, which was held on the initiative of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayeva, the head of the volunteer corps of the Karaganda region at the department on youth policy, the student of the group HTOV-14-2 – Seyfullin Daniyar, who also passed training in the Majilis of the parliament as an assistant to the deputy of the parliament.

During the seminar, active communication technologies were used: paraphrase and commenting, effective tools for working with information, considered typical errors in the transmission of information, as well as the risk of spontaneous reaction.

In general, the participants of the seminar received new knowledge and skills worked out during the implementation of practical exercises.

February 22, 2018 at the department “Chemistry and Chemical Technologies” was a subject Olympiad in the subjects of chemistry and biology among pupils of schools in Karaganda and Karaganda region. In the Olympiad in biology, 39 schoolchildren took part, in chemistry – 21 schoolchildren. The winners of the Olympiad were awarded diplomas, as well as thank-you letters were awarded to the teachers of the winners of the Olympiad.

February 17-18, 2018 at the II republican contest aitys “Menіn pіrіm-Suyunbai”, organized in the framework of celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, held in Almaty, the student of the group BT-17-2 Ospanov Bekarys took first prize place.

December 14, 2017 at the solemn meeting on the Independence Day of the Republic of  Kazakhstan by the Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Zhetesova G.S. for the contribution to the development of the University of the Department of Ch and ChT, a video projector EPSON was awarded.

In the period from December 4 to 15, 2017, the meeting of the acting head of department  Ch and ChT  is  Takibaeva A.T., Professor of the Department of Ch and ChT is Ibraeva M.K. with professors Slepchenko G.B. and Bakibayev A.A. in Tomsk (Тhe Russian Federation). The questions about the two-degree education on the specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances” and “Biotechnology” of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees are considered. The result of the trip was the conclusion of a memorandum on two-degree education in the master’s degree in the specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances” with the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University and the National Research of Tomsk State University.


Salykova Zhanar Baltabekovna is a student of the Faculty of Innovation Technology, department of Ch and ChT , specialty of Biotechnology, BT-16-2 group was among of the best works of the Republican of  literary competition ANK «ANSAR» according to the results of which she was awarded a certificate of entry in the TOP-50 of the best works.


Takibaeva Altynaray Temirbekovna is an acting head of department  of the Ch and ChT  visited Shihezi (China), Shihezi University in the period from 15 to 20 November 2017. The purpose of the visit is to conduct lectures and further promote scientific cooperation between the two universities, KSTU and Shihezi University.


November 2, 2017, Within cooperation with Astra-Agro LTD LLP, the young teacher is Kinayatov Margulan Askarovich with group of students carried out collection of the soil of the analysis. Interesting techniques and the applied nature of works have attracted great interest among students of biotechnologists.

October 30, 2017, The department of «Chemistry and Chemical technologies» was visited by  students specializing 0816000 – «Chemical technology and production» of Temirtau of Technical College .For students an excursion  was organized for educational and scientific laboratories, SRI New materials and IC New technologies and materials. The purpose of excursion is a familiarization    with scientific and technical and scientific pedagogical achievements PTC of department, and also presentation of the  following specialties «Chemical technology of organic compounds», «Biotechnology» , «Enrichment of minerals».

In the future , signing  of memorandum is planned of cooperation between KSTU and TTC.


October from 19 to 31, 2017, Daniyar Seifullin is a fourth year student of the Karaganda State Technical University,  took a participation in the project “Youth Resource Reserve”. Daniyar got acquainted with well-known politicians of the country, successful businessmen and the media thanks to this project. He was an assistant to the deputy head of the fraction of the party “Nur Otan” in the within 2 weeks, the deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan  is Bazarbayev A. Ye.

May 26, 2017, the Department of “Chemistry and chemical technology”  was visited by the Experts of the Senior Experten Service of the Found of German Economy for International cooperation Viktor Weibel and Iorgan Purts:


Presentation of the Planetary mill at the Scientific – research Institute “New materials”.

Presentation of the Department’s achievements  in biotechnology, enrichment of mineral recourses, ecology  and  chemistry.

               Our Department staff” s visit of LLP “Astra-Agro LTD” 11.05.2017

               Our graduated student s achievements!

The article is about the work of the Research Institute “New Materials” in the newspaper “Industrial Karaganda from 08.04.2017.


Participation of employees of our department in the event of “University Entrant 2017” from  5.04.2017

In March 30, 2017 assistant professor of the Chemistry and chemical technology department Tseshkovskaya E.A took part in the meeting “Formation of an up-to-date model of state regulation” held by the Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control of the Department of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana.

In February 28, 2017 in the Department of Ecology of the Karaganda region there was  a meeting of the “round table” held on the topic: “Discussing the experience of Karaganda companies on separate collection and sorting, utilization and processing of solid waste” attended by  the staff of the department of  “Chemistry and chemical technology ” – Obukhov Yu.D. , Oralova A.T. , Tsoy N.K., Tseshkovskaya E.A.


On “a round table” meeting representatives of state authorities, the design organizations, higher schools, specialists of department took part in the discussion of reports. Questions of destruction of municipal solid waste have been discussed in it.

Speech by Professor of the Department “CaCT” Obukhov YD February 24, 2017 in the white hall of the regional branch of the party “Nur Otan” to explain the Message of the Head of State Leader of the Nation “Third modernization of Kazakhstan, global competitiveness”.


                “Open Day” for pupils of  Karaganda region schools


                  In the laboratory of Phytobiotechnology

                 In the laboratory of Physical and chemical analysis methods

                   In the laboratory of Еlectrochemistry and environmental monitorings

                  In the laboratory of Mineral processing

November 22, 2016 the Department of CaCT visited Dr. Zhou PhD at the University of Shihadzi (China)

Ms. Zhou gave a lecture to students at the 4th year and undergraduates specialties “ChTOS”” and “Biotechnology” on “Biotechnology extracting sugars from algae and other plants growing in China.

Employees of the department was a tour for Ms. Zhou at 5 Corps, as well as in the Innovation Center “New technologies and materials”:

Guest from China presented the Department of rackets for ping-pong table:

As a result of the Round Table, which was attended by leading scientists of the department signed an agreement to hold on Mrs.Na scientific advice from the masters and doctoral future PhD:


In September 2016 the Department of CaCT as sponsorship received a refrigerator and a color printer:






Teachers of the department IEaC together with the students were visited LLP “Toparskie greenhouse” and LLC “Research Center” Biosphere Kazakhstan “(13-14 April 2016.).

The aim of the visit was to acquaint students with the activity of these specialties BC and ChTOS enterprises, as well as to establish cooperation IEaC the department, research and innovation center created at the department with LLP “Toparskie greenhouse” and LLC “Research Center” Biosphere Kazakhstan “.

LLP “Toparskie greenhouse” included in GPIIR-2, specialized in growing vegetables. The company is expanding, creating new advanced types of greenhouses for the more cost-effective cultivation of vegetable crops, and not damage to the environment.

LLP “SIC Kazakhstan Biosphere” is an organization which for many years has been working with the largest industrial enterprises of Karaganda region, not only, but also in the whole Republic in terms of environmental issues, environmental design and standardization, conducting environmental monitoring. Most of these companies are included in the GPIIR (JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”, “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP “Shubarkol” and others).

Specialists companies demonstrated their production area, spoke about the activities of enterprises, familiarized with the equipment. The students were very interested in the activities of these enterprises. With interest got acquainted with the equipment, technology documentation.

In turn, LLP “SIC Kazakhstan Biosphere” assured the students that they have chosen the right in demand now a profession – ecologist. And businesses need and are graduates of our university to work.


The April conference, devoted to “Day of Earth and Water”. Karaganda, KSTU

On 13.06.2016g. on 17.06.2016g. employees of the Karaganda State Technical University Department of CaCT Prof. MK Ibraev and director of the Institute “New Materials” Dauletzhanova JT, in the framework of the Committee of Science of MES RK “Physical and chemical bases of modifying of Central Kazakhstan coal in order to increase the yield of valuable refined products”, visited the aquaculture complex at the West Kazakhstan Agro-Technical University named after Zhangir Khan. The purpose of the trip was to introduce humic fodder additives based on calcium humate in the diet of Siberian sturgeon fish to weight gain.

Veterinary Research Laboratory, biotechnology and ichthyology (NILVBI) is a subdivision of the agro-technical West Kazakhstan University named Zhangir Khan is headed by the head and is subject to SRI Director. The university is accredited as a subject of scientific and technical activities of the Committee for Control of Education and  The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.This complex is designed for aquaculture hatchery fish, especially of sturgeon.


Research conducted at the Laboratory of Biotechnology Engineering Profile Research Institute of Biotechnology and Nature WKATU name Zhangir Khan. In the experiment were used sturgeon species grown under controlled systems.

The research work was carried out:

1.Making productive on the extruder feed for sturgeon with added calcium humate;
2.A diagram of the experiments;
3.Studied fish breeding and biological indicators of advanced fishes;
4.Studied hematology experienced fish;
5.The efficiency of the use of feed additives.



The results obtained in the course of this work to determine the weight gain experienced fish Siberian sturgeon, for the period of research for use in dietary calcium humate, evidenced by the high-breeding of a positive effect on the physiological condition of the fish.

Department of “Chemistry and chemical technology” of Karaganda State Technical University have been made studies bioguminovyh growth promoters, together with LLP “Astra Agro LTD”.

Potato varieties, “Natasha” grew by 16.7%, by weight more than without the use of growth promoters, a sort of “Rosario” to 25% by weight.





Control of potato in the month of August 2016, grown with the use of humic additives.


We grow potatoes without the use of humic additives.

We grow potatoes using humic additives.

Department of “Chemistry and chemical technology”, research institutes and the Department of Innovation center of Karaganda State Technical University have been made studies bioguminovyh growth promoters, together with LLP “Toparskie greenhouses”:

Conducting tests on tomatoes

The results showed that the effect of growth factors on the yield of tomatoes had a positive effect, “Enigma” stems variety grows up by 20.0% larger than without the use of growth promoters, with the addition of Trilon B is 16.7% more.