«The meeting of generations»

On February 9, immediately before the celebration of the 29th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan was held a meeting with students soldiers-internationalists “Union of veterans and the disabled of war in Afghanistan” of Karaganda region at Palace of youth of KSTU “Zhastar Alemi”.

Presenters of the program students Alfarabi Serik and Aidana Serikova presented a chronicle of the war events of the time, alternating with presentations about our fellow countrymen.

Vice-rector for Education Affairs of KSTU Nazym Alpysbayeva addressed with her introductory speech to the participants of the meeting. She noted that 29 years ago the ten-year war in Afghanistan ended. These events played a significant role in the history of our Motherland. 22 thousand young children from Kazakhstan participated in this bloody war, 924 of them were killed, 25 were missing, about 3 thousand became disabled. Among them were the students of our University.

All those present (deputy deans, curators, students, 190 people in total) honored the memory of the fallen soldiers—internationalists with a minute of silence.

Chairman of Public Association “Union of veterans and war disabled in Afghanistan “Ardager” Talgat Khasenov in his speech told the students about all the hardships of this terrible war that killed so many young boys; military friendship, which they had carried through all their lives; the difficulties of adaptation after returning to the Union; present their work on education of patriotism of young people. Also the warrior – internationalist, a tank commander Galym Zhakupov, shared his memories, he mentioned not only military actions, but also severe diseases that plagued soldiers during this war (malaria, cholera, typhoid), severe climatic conditions of Afghanistan. All the guests spoke to the children with the wishes of a good study, to be courageous, to be ready to defend the Motherland.

The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere, students asked veterans interesting questions, and they, in turn, shared their memories with them.