The festive event ‘Halloween’

31 October 2016, a festive event ‘Halloween’, organized by Department of Russian and foreign languages together with Taryn U’Halie (a representative of the Embassy of the USA in Kazakhstan, English language teacher at Delgado Community College, master of ТEOSL/ТEFL, Colorado State University, New Orleans, Louisiana) was held at 15:00 at No.426 room.

Teachers of the department of Russian and Foreign languages, 50 students and graduates attended the event.

Halloween is a modern holiday, dating back to the tradition of ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland, and is celebrated on 31 October, on the eve of All Saints Day, traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries.

A presentation on Halloween, with photos and video materials was shown during the event; educational, practical influence of material, relationship with literature, and area studies that contributed to the formation of students’ holistic view on the subject in a foreign language was observed. The students were very active, the conditions were created for realization of students’ creative abilities, the ability to express in a foreign language; the skills of working in groups, in pairs, individually, skills of critical thinking, curiosity, interest in English language, as a cultural phenomenon, broadening of outlook, respect for other people’s cultures were developed. The students were able to use their knowledge and new material in authentic situations in practice, which is very important when you learn English. All students were involved in the work. Taryn U’Halie had used innovative pedagogical methods, different types of exercises: games, creative, and reproductive to stimulate cognitive activity, mobilize attention and interest of students. The group and individual work was organized.

The teacher raised a number of issues that require from students the ways of their solution in the process of explaining new material. The main words on the theme were written on the blackboard, students spoke their associations, ideas, the technique of brainstorming was used as well. The students were divided into groups at the stage of learning new material. Teacher controlled the activities of the students in case of difficulty and gave the necessary explanations, answering questions of students, thereby monitoring and implemented feedback. Students’ work was organized properly and the interface was constant. All the stages of the lesson are logically interrelated, aimed at implementing the goals set by the teacher. All exercises were subordinated to the same subject, connected, combined with logical transition. Students were offered to view the video. Before viewing, students were presented a list of new words and ideas. The students were very active and used creative approach to the process.

The material wore had educating and developing value as the assigned problems and issues cause the necessary interest and focus of students for reflection and presenting their ideas in a foreign language. Material of class was chosen correctly to the language level of students. The content of the material match the theme and allows to form practical skills necessary in their future professional activity in a foreign language.

At the end of the event, students and graduates were invited to create the symbol of Halloween – Jack (Jack-o-lantern) with their own hands. It is one of the main attributes of the holiday, a carved head pumpkin with light (the candle).

Taryn U’Halie prepared traditional drink Apple cider made from apples, spices and treated all students.