The competition for the best essay

Ильяс ЕсемберлинThe regulation of the competition for the best essay, dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the birth of the Kazakh writer, laureate of State prize of the USSR, participant of the Great Patriotic War Ilyas Yesenberlin.

The founders of the competition:
– Department of youth policy;
– The Board of curators.

The goals and objectives of the competition:
– promoting the creative heritage of I. Yesenberlin;
– development of Patriotic feelings among young people;
– identification of gifted young people who can competently and figuratively express their thoughts and feelings;
– to promote the work of the Kazakh literature among young people.

Participants of the contest: to participate in the contest invited students of 1-3 courses, curators and faculty of the University who are interested in the life and works of I. Yesenberlin.
Conditions of the competition:

– the correspondence of the content of the essay with the topic and the purpose of the competition is the main evaluation criterion;
– takes into account the style, the language, the plot of the story, imagery and originality of thought;
– the essays can be written in the traditional form, and in any original, unusual: the essay is an appeal, the essay is a poem, essay-writing, and so on;
– the competition Commission does not review the submitted works will not return them to the author and doesn’t come with the authors in the discussion regarding the submitted work;
– the contest Committee reserves the right not to consider essays that do not consistent with the terms of the contest, and to enter into correspondence and to explain the reasons for the refusal;
– by submitting your work to the contest, participants thereby represent the right to contest organizers to use competitive works for non-commercial purposes (accommodation on the University website, publication in print) with reference to the authorship;
– in the competition involved only individual works.
Design requirements:
– the work must be done in Word, font – Times New Roman, font size – 14, line spacing – single;
– the scope of work should not exceed 3 pages in A-4 format;
– the title page should include: title of the essay, the name of the student, group;
– participants are required to submit their work to YPD till February 16, 2015. KSTU, 6 building (315, 317room) or e-mail:
Awarding of winners: the winner will be announced in YPD on 20.02.2015. For the winners of the competition established incentive prizes, diplomas. The list of winners will be posted on the University website.