Contest of presentations among first-year students

Contest of presentations among first-year students on “Multilingualism as one of the priorities of modern education in the Republic of Kazakhstan” (number of students-40, teachers (English) provide 1 student), teachers (German) provide 3 students.

On April 18, 2018 at 15.00 — the Department of Foreign Languages of Karaganda State Technical University runs a competition of presentations among first-year students on the theme “Multilingualism as one of the priorities of modern education in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The introduction of a multilingual system of education in the educational process is the key and guarantee the formation of a competitive and multicultural personality, who is multi-lingual.

The purpose of the competition is to increase the level of knowledge of English and German languages, to promote foreign language among students, instilling interest in the study of the language, its features and interlingual relations, as well as the culture of the country.

The main objectives of the contest are::

– contribution to increase the level of education,

– development of intellectual and creative abilities of students,

– increase motivation for further acquisition of a foreign language and improvement of all types of speech activity.

Working languages: English and German.

Category of the participants: first-year students of all specialties of KSTU.

Procedure and form of competition

Presentation should be done on theme “Multilingualism as one of the priorities of modern education in the Republic of Kazakhstan” in English or German;

– send PROPOSAL (application with a summary of the slide presentation and noting science advisor) up to 16.04.18 in English to email, in German to email in the title of the document specify name, group, cell phone, whether you want to be free at 15.05-16.55 Wednesday;

It is not necessary to send COMPLETE presentation up to 16.04.18!

The presentation will be protected only by the best 15 students – on April 18 at 15.00!

After assessment of all the works, the jury will select 3 best works

At the end, students will be awarded with certificates

                        Speaking time limit 5 min, PowerPoint format;

– Material requirements:

  • English/German language accuracy
  • Creativity of the content
  • Content delivery and analyzing skill
  • Speaking and presenting skills


Presentation requirements:

  • title
  • introduction (actuality of the problem)
  • outline
  • topic points
  • conclusion

Jury members include:

  1. Jantassova D.D.— PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Head of Foreign Languages Department
  2. Senior lecturer Jumanova L.S.
  3. Senior lecturer Suleimenova А.H.
  4. Senior lecturer Beisshanova S.А.
  5. Senior lecturer Каkulya Zh.М.
  6. Teacher Izotova А.S.

For more information contact Department of Foreign Languages:

I– building, room — 526b. Contacts: +7(7212) 56-59-32 or

Assessment criteria


Full name, group criteria Excellent  (90%-100%) Good