Head of the department of «Architecture and design»

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«Architecture and Design» department head manager

Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor

Contact information:

Adress: Karagandy city, Bulvar Mira, 56,

1-st campus, 168 cabinet

Office phone: 8(7212) 56-59-32 (in. 2216)

E-mail: Urazbekovabay@mail.ru



In 1990 took graduation of KarPTI by specialty “Construction of underground structures and mines”. From 1990 till 1994 he took study in full-time education in Moscow State Mining University. In 11 march 1994 approved  his thesis for a scientific degree of candidate of economic science by dissertation soviet of Moscow State Mining University.

In 1994-1997 worked in the tax authorities. From 1997 – 2009 was as an assistant professor in Karagandy Law Institute by name of B.Beisenow.

He have second degree by specialty of Jurisprudence. In 2001 graduated with honors Karagandy State University by name of E.A.Buketow.

He started in Karagandy State Technical University in 2009 as a assistant professor of “Enterprise economy” branch.

Urazbekow A.K. worked as deputy dean of  “Engineering Economics and Management” faculty on scientific work.

In present time he is  the «Architecture and Design» department head manager.

He is author up to 50 science article publications, also including in rating journals with impact factor, monographers, tutorials, electronic tutorials.

Urazbekow A.K. is a member of the State Attestation Commission for on graduating specialties of the department, member of the Scientific and Expert Council of KSTU, Corresponding member of MAIN.

Academic work