There are the following specialties at the department of Vocational Education:

5В012000 «Vocational Education», there is the training of specialists on the basis of the following education programs:
Machinery Engineering production;
The usage and repair of vehicles;
Informational technologies;
Economics and management of business entities;
Connection and Telecommunication;
Metallurgy production.

The aim of educational program in this sphere is the education of professionally-oriented person. This education includes the whole holistic worldview natural sciences, high production-technical, economic erudition and culture, stable moral orientation and fundamental training.

In accordance with specialization students get the bachelor degree and qualification of “the teacher of vocational education, the teacher of technical subjects and special subjects on the profile”

Studying period: 4 years.

The lesson on special subjects

Duo education (engineering-pedagogical) gives a great opportunities to work as teacher of technical disciplines and special technology to the complex of business professions in general and vocational schools, colleges, high schools; as a master of education in primary, secondary and higher vocational education; as an engineer in the scientific- research institutions and design bureaus and industrial enterprises.
The main aim of this educational program is to train highly-qualified and competitive specialists in the military sphere; the development of the sense of the political maturity and patriotism.

Graduate of the specialty in Basic military training is awarded by the academic degree of Bachelor of basic military training (studying period – 4 years).

The sphere of professional activity is a sphere of education and scientific research.

The objects of professional activity:
educational institutions of secondary education: schools, boarding-schools;
gymnasiums and lyceums;
primary and secondary vocational schools;
higher education;
administrative education authorities.