Scientific activity “Welding and Foundry”

R & D results and NIRS are published in periodicals, reported at conferences at various levels. Also they are used in the preparation of master’s and doctoral theses.

For 40 years, there is a number of fundamental and applied research of welding processes and a large volume of work for the enterprises arc and electroslag surfacing, plasma surfacing, welding modulated current, magnetic inspection of welds. Employees of the Department of welding has about 30 inventions and over 300 articles in the field of welding technology. Also it has organized and hosted 13 international and national scientific-technical conference on welding and NDT. Established permanent scientific relations with such major research centers in welding, both Institute of Electric welding E.O. Paton, NAS, MSTU of Bauman and MINH of Gubkin. The University has repeatedly conducted training courses for workers welding technologies, as well as refresher courses for specialists of enterprises and teachers of vocational schools.

For excellence in learning, active participation in research projects, conferences, debates, students in the department are rewarded with certificates, diplomas, certificate of merit, letters of appreciation and grants.

At the department constantly operate student scientific groups, which are the main form of attracting students to the scientific work under the guidance of experienced teachers of the Department.


SRL – 15  “Metallurgical processes of welding and casting”

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Plan of scientific-research work at the 2013-2014

Plan of scientific-research work of students on 2013-2014