Science of the department of «Construction materials and technology»











Student are prizewinners:

Scientific work of chair is carried out according to university and institute plans. Plan SRW is drawn up for a year and is included into the general annual plan of work of Chair. The report of each executor on plan realization is listened at the chair meeting which is recorded in the Minutes of Meeting of the Chair. According to the results of a year there is prepared an annual report on SRW, confirmed at the Chair meeting and by the first Vice-Rector. The carried SRW have an applied character and are in demand in the industrial production. Every year TCMP Chair carries out the state budgetary research work on higher school problems. Results of these researches have a big practical value and are introduced in educational process of the Chair.

In 2008-2011 by the SRW results 9 applications for inventions were submitted and 5 preliminary and innovative patents were received.

There was awarded the grant of the Committee of Science of RK for the amount of 5,7 million KZT.

The project name: “Creation of a shock-pulse mill for production of inorganic nano-structurized materials”.

The Project Head, Technical Science Ph.D., prof. Bajdzhanov D.O.

There was awarded the grant of the Committee of Science of RK for the amount of 1,7 million KZT (the contract № 10.2701 dated 11/1/2010).

The project name: “Manufacturing of moulding extruder samples for formation of granulated silica-phosphate carrying adsorbents”.

The Project Head, Technical Science Ph.D., prof. Bajdzhanov D.O.

Senior students are involved in the scientific-research works within the Chair. Every year the results of the scientific researchers are reported at the Inter-University regional students’ scientific-theoretical conference.

Departments’ scientific seminars with participation of students and undergraduates are annually held. At the annual interuniversity student’s scientific conference “Student and scientific and technical progress” the major students represent 10-14 reports, publications of reports of students in the co-authorship with teachers also are carried out.

The scientific work of departments is carried out in accordance with the plans of University and faculty. RESEARCH plan shall be prepared in the year and is included in the annual work plan of the chairs. The report of each Executive Director on the implementation of the plan shall be heard at meetings of the chairs that is recorded in the minutes of the meeting chairs. By the end of the year is the annual report on R & D, approved at a meeting of the chairs and the first Pro-Rector.

Оngoing RESEARCH is applied and used in production. Department of BaHMS and PT annually gosbûdžetnuû research on higher education. The results of these studies are of great practical importance and implemented in the educational process of the Department.

The main results of scientific works on the Faculty for the academic year and their introduction in educational process and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

Scientific and research laboratory No. 28 of fulfilled RESEARCH on hozdogovornoj: “Expert survey, assessment of technical condition and development of measures to improve building structures, on the basis of the Institute of KazMIRR in KarGTU, with 1.5 million funding agreements. tenge (action-Kropachev p.a., Uteshov E.s.). Results – on the topic fulfilled and implemented in the production of 12 reports and technical opinions on Scientific research work.

1) the name of the topic: the expert survey, assessment of technical condition and development of recommendations to ensure the serviceability of bearing constructions building secondary school No. 56 in Astana, UL. Chelyuskinites.

Reason for discharge: owner. contract # 000547 (09. IL. 04).

Supervisor – candidate of technical sciences Nugužinov J.S.

Main results: studies on this topic within the framework of the master’s (Temirbekova) thesis. Published 3 scientific report .

2) the name of the topic: the technical condition of load-bearing building designs above-ground part of Pavilion 1 administrative building of NC «Kazakhstan temir zholy» during the construction of the Base to perform: owner. contract code 09. IL 06.

Supervisor – candidate of technical sciences Nugužinov J.S.

Main results: considered in SRSP for the discipline of “technology and reconstruction of buildings and structures” and introduced into the teaching process on the subject.

The scientific work of students

Senior students are to carry out research work for the Department. Each year, the results of scientific research are reported on the regional Interuniversity student scientific-theoretical Conference. The Conference prepared in 2008, 15 reports in 2009-22 report, 2010-30 reports publication of abstracts.

The departments organized 3 scientific circle involving students and masters have been organized and conducted in the Olympiad of the level. Students of the Department annually take part in Republican competitions and Internet. Organized participation of students in the Republican contests on the vnutrivuzovskij stage of RESEARCH WORK: Republican contest of students ‘ papers each year is not less than 7.

Every year, the Cathedral scientific workshops involving students and masters. The annual Interuniversity student’s scientific conference “student and technological progress” specialty students are 20-25 reports are publishing reports of students together with teachers.