Science conference was held to the 350th anniversary of Bukhar Zhyrau

On April 27 in the framework of the program “Ruhani zhangyru” in Karaganda State Technical Univercity was held the Republican scientific-practical conference “Uly Dala zhyrauy”, devoted to the 350th anniversary of the bright representative of Kazakh folklore Bukhar Zhyrau Kalkamanuly.

Bukhar Zhyrau was a very educated man for his time and wrote in Arabic. From his poetic heritage we have reached about 1200 lines. They were collected in XIX-XX centuries from oral legends. From the compositions of Bukhar Zhyrau and ideological contradictions contained in them, many contradictory tendencies of that time are revealed. As the chief adviser of Abylai Khan and one of the most authoritative biys, Bukhar Zhyrau played an important role in solving major problems of life of the Kazakh people.

Poetry Bukhar Zhyrau is the pinnacle of verbal art of the people of the great steppe, and to this day amazes us with its perfection, testifying not only to the high level of development of Kazakh literature of the late middle ages, but also the wealth of the spiritual world of our people in the distant past.

With the aim to convey to the public a new, previously unrevealed side of life, an outstanding personality and the importance of studying the activities of Bukhar-Zhyrau the conference will bring together literary scholars, and public figures in the field of language, representatives of local executive authorities, journalists: Maksat Alpysbes, PhD, Professor of the Department of Eurasian studies of L.N. Gumilyov ENU; Aman Zhangozhin, journalist, member of the regional Organizing Committee for the celebration of the 350th anniversary Bukhar Zhyrau Kalkamanuly; scientists philologists of E.A. Buketov KSU — Zhandos Smagulov, professor of Department of Kazakh literature, PhD; Zhansaya Zharylgapova, Professor of Department of Kazakh literature, PhD Aitbay Zhumagulov, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor in the Department of literature, researcher of the research center “Tulgatanu”, Ali Askhat, Secretary of Buharzhyrau District maslikhat. The conference was attended by the faculty, doctoral students, graduates and students of KSTU as well.

One of the main guests of the conference were the descendants of the great “zhyrau” – Galymtai Baktiyarov, a veteran educator, national educator, Kaliaskar Shynybektegi, member of the Union of journalists of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of composers “Balausa”, composer, Bukhar researcher, Kabi Koshanov – Bukhar researcher, originator of the “shezhire”, Mugulsum Shibayeva, honorary citizen of Bukhar Zhyrau district, Karaganda Museum specialist of Friendship House.

About 100 materials were received from the region and the Republic, 30 of them were sent from higher and secondary educational institutions of Astana, Semey, Arkalyk, Zhezkazgan, Karaganda, etc.

The conference was opened by the rector of KSTU, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Marat Kenesovich Ibatov, addressing the participants with a speech about the need to promote the precious heritage of the great Kazakh thinker. He stressed that this conference is designed to serve the understanding of spiritual values, national traditions and the history of our people through the work of the great sons of the great steppe, who left an indelible mark in the history of the Kazakh people, such as Bukhar Kalkamanuly.

– As organizers, we set a goal – to create a platform where the older and younger generation will consider the creative heritage of akyn through the prism of modernity. Thus, through the experience carried through centuries, we hope to awaken in the souls of the next generation a sense of patriotism, love for the study of history, literature and art of their homeland, — the rector said.

At the end of the conference, scientists and participants of the conference adopted a resolution, which outlined a number of events dedicated to this significant date.