Science of department of «Russian language and culture»

Certificate of International scientific-practical conference Actual problems of science. New technologies TEK-2017 Azimbaeva Zh.A., Timochina T.V., Staroverova E.B.pdf

Certificate of International scientific-practical conference «Actual problems of science. New technologies TEK-2017» Aldynazarova R.M., Falina V.A.pdf

Ospanova B.R., Kasenova N.A., Tyurina S.Yu.pdf

Tazhibaeva S.M., SejdahmetovaZ.K., Kolcova E.A.pdf

In April 2018 the department’s faculty was published a monograph:

1. Ospanova B., A. Kenzhegulova. «Cultural aspects of translating adaptation of advertising texts» Lambert Academic Publishing.

Courses of advanced training of the republican level on the topic “Interdisciplinary relations as a means of implementing an integrative approach in multilingual education”.

In order to support the program of trilingual education, modernization of higher education and the development of a multilingual personality by the Department of the Russian Language and Speech Culture, in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Studies, from April 2 to 6, 2018, the republican level advanced training courses on “Interdisciplinary connections as a means of integrative approach in multilingual education “.

The main goal and tasks of the PC courses were:

– studying the real language situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and determining the prospects for further development and introduction of the multilingual education in Kazakhstan;

– definition of the role of interdisciplinary connections as a didactic principle of education on the basis of interaction and mutual influence of humanitarian, pedagogical and technical disciplines;

– identification of mechanisms for the formation of the language identity of the engineer on the basis of an integrated approach of representatives of science and technology to the development of a model of a multilingual specialist;

– search for ways to improve methods, improve the effectiveness of teaching Russian as a foreign language and foreign languages.

The courses were attended by scientists and teachers from Nazarbayev University, Eurasian National University, Aktobe State Medical University, Karaganda State University. E.A. Buketov, Karaganda State Technical University, as well as teachers of colleges and teachers of schools in the region. Thanks to the presence of theorists and practitioners at the courses, it was possible to organize a platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas; to organize informational, methodological and methodological work on the effective implementation of multilingual education in the system of higher and secondary education.

In the course of the refresher courses, the innovative university experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language in a technical college was demonstrated, as well as the experience of teachers of specialized schools for gifted children in the city of Karaganda. N.Nurmakova and “Daryn”. Teachers of the Department of Russian Language and Culture of KSTU held master classes and discussion sites with foreign students and students studying under the “Serpin” program. The organizers of the event acquainted the guests with modern educational technologies based on the interrelation of the language with the culturology, psychology, history, music, traditions of the people. Teachers of specialized schools told listeners about their own innovative experience of teaching and strategies that take into account the intellectual and personal characteristics of the development of students.

The course participants, having familiarized themselves with the new forms and methods of teaching, concluded that the effectiveness of the implementation of a multilingual education depends on the professional skills of the teacher, his methodological literacy, responsible and partial attitude to his work. According to the audience, such courses give a powerful impetus to discovering new horizons in the teaching process in non-native and foreign languages, to gain new opportunities for the development of professional activities that meet high standards of quality.

Undoubtedly, the teachers of the department will not stop at what has been achieved, they will continue to intensify the work on improving the qualifications of teachers; to support and cooperate with teachers of colleges and teachers of schools, leading language disciplines and disciplines in a foreign language; continue to work on activities related to the problems of multilingual education.


Participation and victory in the Seventh online festival of friendship “Beauty of the native land.”

The teaching staff of the Chair of the Russian Academy of Sciences took an active part in the Seventh online festival of friendship “Beauty of the native land” held by the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. As a result, certificates of participants, winners and the winner of the specified competition. All scientific supervisors are awarded with Thanksgiving.

Seminar “Methodology of coaching in the teaching of the Russian language as a foreing”

24.01.18 at the Department of Russian language, Dusetayev K.S., candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, conducted a scientific and methodical seminar “Methodology of coaching in the teaching of the Russian language”. The necessity of holding such seminars is scientifically proven and tested. All the employees of the Russian Language and Culture Department took part in it. The seminar was devoted to the application of coaching technologies in the teaching of the Russian language. Currently, the goal of the Growth model is to check reality (Reality), to clarify all options for using the methodology and to explain the attempts that have been made. Researchers note the effectiveness of the Grow model both for individual and group work. In the proposed methodology, the teacher plays the role of coach-mentor: helps students explain the point of view of learning goals, promotes awareness and understanding of the importance of achieving the goals (goal), the process of analyzing the investigated factors that can be achieved or ignored. The seminar was received with great enthusiasm by the whole staff of the Department of the Russian Language and Culture. Each of those present had questions that the author of the seminar answered quickly and clearly.



Associate Professor of the department Ospanova B.R., senior teacher Azimbaeva Zh.A. a certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright was prepared – the computer program “Russian language in the educational and professional environment (economic cycle)” and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan under No. 2829 on November 27, 2017.

Associate Professor of the department Ospanova B.R., senior teacher Kasenova N.A. a certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright was prepared – a computer program – an electronic textbook “Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Language Research” and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan under No. 1393 on June 9, 2017.

In December 2017 the teacher of the Department of the Russian language and culture Toleubekova A.T. participated in the XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Science and Education: Preserving the Past, Creating the Future” in Penza (Russia). At the end of the conference a collection of articles was published.

5 December 2017 in the journal “Kazakhstan innovations” (No. 3) published scientific article of the student of  2 course Kabanovа Nuray carried out under the supervision.


In the European competition for the best research work among young scientists of Europe and Asia under the guidance of  the Department of  Russian language and culture, attended the 2nd year students: Rahym S., Esbergenova А.


International Express-Olympics “Olimp-2017” in project “Internet contests” in the Russian language (Moscow) was awarded with diplomas of the I degree students of mechanical engineering faculty: Bukharbay Zhansulu (gr. ST-15-1), Meisenbach Dauren (gr. ST-15-1).

In November 2017 faculty PTS participiated in republic scientific-practical conference “”The Museum of the 21st Century: modern lines in development of museum and perspectives”. The theses of the reports of the authors of Aldynazarova RM, Tungushbaeva BK were published. “On the issue of the moral education of youth”; Timokhina TV, Akynzhanova AA, Galyautdinova AN “Spirituality and morality as forms of social consciousness”; Kasenova N.A. “On the role of spiritual culture in the modernization of public consciousness.”

In November 2017, a scientific article by Azimbaeva Zh.A. “Features of the development of the educational process in a technical college” // Russia, Informatization of Education: Theory and Practice.

Within the framework of cooperation with the Ivanovo State Energy University, a scientific article by the authors Ospanova B.R., Kasenova N.A., Tyurin S.Yu., Kolcova E.A. has been published. “Organization of extracurricular work of students in a technical university: the experience of international cooperation” // News of science and education. – Sheffield, 2017. – № 5, Volume 2.

A.N. Galyautdinova the teacher of the Department of the Russian language and culture was awarded with a letter of thanks for the preparation of students who took part in the III All-Russian Olympiad in the Russian language organized on the portal of distance Olympiads and competitions “The World of Winners of the Olympics” in 2017-2018 academic year.

In July 2017 was published a scientific article by professors and teachers Оspanova B.R., Тimochina Т.V., Аzimbaeva Zh.А. named «Linguistic personality in the context of the content of humanitarian disciplines» // News of the NAS RK. The seriesocial and human sciences. – №4(314), July-August.


In January 2017, the department’s faculty  published a monograph:

  1. Ospanova B., Kasenova N. “Theoretical-Applied Aspects of the Linguistic Study” Lambert Academic Publishing.

The Republican annual competition of scientific and research works of students on natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic sciences in universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan is held annually by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of higher educational institutions.

The main objectives and tasks of the competition are: stimulating the research and educational activities of students; Selection and support of the most talented and gifted students; Assistance in the formation of the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students and student collectives of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the competition, and independently completed completed research work of students on priority areas and topical problems of natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic sciences.

During the period of July-August 2016, the staff of the department have published 2 articles in Scopus::

1.B.R. Ospanova, Zh.A. Azimbayeva, T.V. Timokhina, Z.K. Seydakhmetova «Theoretical-and-Methodological Substantiation of Multilingual Model Activity in Kazakhstan Higher School Education System».

Journal  «International journal of environmental and science education»
2. Ospanova B., Kasenova N., Akynzhanova A., Aldynazarova R. “Pragmatic strategies as a base for business communication model» Man in India.

On 23-24 June, 2016 Karaganda State Technical University conducts the International scientific and practical conference “Integration of science, education and industry is the basis of the Plan of the Nation” for the further development of international cooperation, creation of a platform for the formation of creative communication and exchange experience between scientists and experts with their involvement in the solution of the most pressing scientific, technical and economic problems, including training for the State program of industrial-innovative development (GPIIR-2).

18-22 April 2016 in Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) hosted the International seminar for university professors and teachers of Colleges and Schools.

  Seminar organized by the Innovation Center polylinguism and Department of Russian and Foreign Languages ​​Karaganda State Technical University.

The main objective of the seminar is the exchange of experiences on the implementation of multilingual education policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of updating the content of education, systemic administration of disciplines in a foreign language in the system of higher and secondary schools of the country.

The seminar was attended by:
– Tatiana Letyaykina Adygamovna, President of the Association of English teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– Syrymbetova Lyailya Sarkytovna, Director, Center for trilingual education NAO them. Altynsarin;
– Nettie Boivin, assistant professor at the Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University;
– Kerimkulova Sulushash Iksanovna, Associate Professor Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University;
– Ashym Esentai Mukataevich, director of the regional specialized boarding school for gifted children № 2. N.Nurmakova.

Participants of the seminar were professors and teachers of Kazakh, Russian, English, German, Chinese universities, colleges and schools. They took an active part in the debate on the introduction of multilingual education in the educational process, the development of a single locale simultaneous learning three languages.

The moderators of the workshop in detail and clearly explained the essence of the new technologies in teaching the discipline in the English language with specific examples from the practice of teaching.

During the workshop, a visit was organized regional specialized boarding school for gifted children № 2. N.Nurmakova, in which the level-language training (Kazakh, Russian and English) and training natural and mathematical sciences in English.


Completed the seminar Bikesh Revovna Ospanova, Director of the Innovation Center polylinguism, Head of the Department of Russian and Foreign Languages ​​of KSTU.

In his speech B.R. Ospanova  It was noted that it was the understanding that multilingual education in the conditions of the introduction of the English language trends in the educational process – the basis of the formation of multilanguage personality, level of formation which largely determines the positive personal self-realization in modern conditions of social relations, competitiveness and social mobility.

At the end of the seminar, all participants received certificates and certificate training.

On 18-22 of April of 2016 on the basis of Karaganda State Technical University (organizers: Department of Russian and Foreign Languages, the Association of English teachers of Karaganda) will be held the International scientific-practical seminar on the topic “Problems of methodological aspects of multilingual education in secondary and higher education system” Participation form – full-time.

Category participants and training programs:
– Teachers of a foreign language;
– Foreign language teacher colleges and schools;
– Teachers, homeroom and subject teachers conducting classes in core subjects in English;
– Teachers of linguistic disciplines, implementing or planning to implement lessons in a foreign language for professional purposes;
– Linguistic specialties teachers, provide teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The introduction of multilingual education system in the educational process at all levels from school to university today is a pledge and guarantee of the formation of a competitive and multicultural identity, multi-lingual, striving for self-development and self-improvement, able to carry out communication activities in the three languages ​​in all situations.

As part of the seminar will focus on practice. To this end, the problem will be organized seminars, workshops, round tables. The participants will get acquainted with the materials of the best practices in the field of multilingual teaching of special disciplines for professional purposes.

The seminar will be attended by President of the Association of English teachers of Kazakhstan Letaykina T.A., director of the Center of RK trilingual education Syrymbetova L.S., development manager for the partnership of the British Council Bekturova A.S., Chairman of the Association of English language teachers of Karaganda Kakzhanova F.A.

Application for participation in the seminar and a copy of the payment, please send up to April 8, 2016 to the email address:   tel.:87017352173

download the information


On January 6, 2016, to implement innovative orientation and motivation of educational activity of professors and teaching staff, and improving the educational process, the Department of Russian and Foreign languages held a scientific seminar, which was organized in the form of a round table.

Scientific seminar on the theme “Active learning methods used in the process of teaching Russian language in technical university”, where was heard the report of teacher A.S. Kenzhegulova, which elaborated on issues of programmed learning, problem-based learning, interactive (communicative) training stressed significance of the problem of formation of such qualities of thought that would allow students to absorb yourself constantly renewed information, the development of such capabilities, which continued after the completion of their education, provide a person the opportunity to keep up with the accelerating scientific and technological progress.
The participants actively discussed the topic, shared experiences, new methods and approaches to training that would teach students to independently discover and learn new information.

Scientific researches of the Department

For the period February – March, 2015 of PTS of department are published the following articles:

  1. Ospanova B. R., Azimbayev Zh.A., Seydakhmetova Z.K. To a question of emergence of the Kazakh khanate.//Republican scientific and practical conference “Bukhar Zhirau — Dalanyn Danagoy, Birliktyn Batagoyi _”, KarSTU, on March 22, 2015.
  2. Akynzhanova A.A., Kishenova A.Yu., Tazhibayeva of Page M. Bukhar Zhyraudin tagylymdary.//Republican scientific and practical conference “Bukhar Zhyrau — Dalanin Danagoy, Birliktyn Batagoyi “, KarSTU, on March 22, 2015.
  3. Tazhibayeva S.M., Rapishev Zh. Lingvistikadagy discuors tipterin  zhykteu maselesi.//International scientific and practical conference “Strategiczne pytania swiatowej nauki – 2015”, Poland, of Przemys, on February 07-15, 2015.

Research work of students is one of the most important forms of educational process. Scientific laboratories and circles, students’ scientific societies and conferences — all this allows the student to begin full scientific work, to find adherents on it with which it is possible to consult and share results of the researches.

For performance of research works on RL and C department students of the first and second courses are attracted.

PTS of the department in common with students participates in student’s conferences of republican and international level. So, for a spring semester teachers of the department in common with students prepared 21 reports for participation at conferences and forums of various level. The best student’s works were noted by diplomas and certificates.

On 27.02.2015 in KSMU was held the Republican scientific and practical conference named “Multilingualism in the context of the Higher Education”. Under the direction of PTS of department 9 scientific works were prepared by the following students:

  • Zharkimbekova A. (BZhD-14-1), Zhumabekov E. (GIK-14-1)/research supervisor Kasenova N. A.;
  • Kaliakparov Zh., Abdraimov E. (OP-14-2), Bukharbayeva M. (BT-13-1)/research supervisor Tazhibayeva S.M.;
  • Sadykova Sh., Toleuzhan G. (GPR-14-1), Saulet Sh., Zhamshitov To. (GPR-14-1)/research supervisor Timokhina T.V.;
  • Sarsenova D. (Mash-14-1) / research supervisor Seydakhmetova Z.K.;
  • Syzdyk N., Shirimbayeva And. (GPR-14-2)/research supervisor Azimbayeva Zh.A.;
  • Myrzabekova A., Barlybayev A. (State Duma-14-1) / research supervisor Tungushbayeva B. K.

Works of students are noted by certificates for active participation in the “Multilingualism in the context of the Higher Education” conference. Student of group GIK-14-1 Zharkimbekova A. (research supervisor Kasenova N. A.) She took the third place, having gained the diploma of the III degree; student of group Mash-14-1 Sarsenova D. (research supervisor Seydakhmetova Z.K.)  is noted by the certificate for the best presentation; the student of BT-13-1 group Bukharbayeva M. (the research supervisor Tazhibayeva S.M.) is marked out by the certificate for the best presentation; the student of the GEEK group-14-2 Zhumabekov E. is marked out by the certificate for the will to win.

On 22.03.15 in KarSTU was held the Republican scientific and practical conference devoted to the 550 anniversary of the Kazakh khanate “Bykhar Zhyrau – dalanyn danagoiy, birliktin batagoiy “. Under the direction of PTS of the department were prepared12 scientific works by the following students:

  • Abdrakhmanova A.B., Nurbapa S. B. (PO-12-2), Ashimova A.T., Moldybekova A.T., Kargabayeva N. U. (PO-12-1), Shalabekova A.M. (C-13-2), Haliolla A.F., Torgaybek Zh.S. (PO-12-1), Tusupekova D.B. (C-13-2), Smagulova G. A., Malgeldi Zh.M. (PO-12-2), Rumabai A.A., R. M. (PO-12-1) Akbay, D.M., Amanbayev A.S. Amantay., Taribai B. M. (PO-12-1), Esengeldi A.G., Sadykova D. A. (PO-12-2)/research supervisor associate professor Nurpeisova S. K.,
  • Bolekbayeva A.T. (MASh-14-1)/research supervisor Seydakhmetova Z.K.,
  • Aytkhozhin U.K., Kuanyshkyza N. (AIU-14-1)/research supervisor Aldynazarova R. M.,
  • Sarzhanuly A., Serikbay And. (AIU-14-1)/research supervisor Aldynazarova R. M.

The manager of RLaC department Ospanova B. R., and senior teacher Aldynazarov R. M. are published the article ”Modern methods of linguistic studies” in the Life Science Journal magazine entering the Scopus database.

The manager of RLaC department, Candidate of Philology, associate professor Ospanova Bikesh Revovna received a grant and a rank “The best teacher of Higher Education Institution 2013 ″.

Teachers of the department  Azimayeva Zh.A., Kishenova A.Yu. prepared reports and took part in the ІІІ International scientific and methodical seminar “Teaching Russian as foreign: theory and practice” (Poland, Wroclaw, on December 16, 2013).

The forum “Multilingualism as Command of Time” organized by department of Russian Language and Culture of KSTU (25.11.13), It caused the great interest of students of higher educational institutions of Karaganda dated for Day of the First President of Kazakhstan.

The works to the competition were sent by students  of KSMU,  KSU of E.A. Buketov, to KEU, KSTU.

In the researches presented on court of jury, students shared with the vision of a problem of multilingual education a multilingualism in general as the status of a state language, role of Russian in multinational Kazakhstan.

In listeners a certain interest was caused by works in which authors argue on the true provision of a state language in RK (the student of KarSTU Alpysbayev G. gr.BT-12-1, research supervisor Ospanova B. R., students of KarSTU,  IUTS-13-1 Turar S., Makhambetchina, Temirova A., the research supervisor Aldynazarova R. M.), about prospects of polylingual education (students the HAG of E.A. Buketov, гр. Saifullin V., Edembayev A. ME-41, research supervisor Cand.Econ.Sci.,doctor Khusainova Zh.S., Жартай Zh.M.), about a role of multilingualism in RK (students of KSMU, gr.. 2-088 OHMS, Papusha M. I.), about idea from “Trinity of languages” before multilingual education (students the HAG of E.A.Buketova, gr. MO21-p/ya Nurbayev E.N., Sapar A.D., Kadylbekov R. M., research supervisor Aytpayeva A.S.) about ways of realization of polylingual education (students the HAG of E.A.Buketova, gr. Auyespekov B., Akhmadiya Sh. GI-13, research supervisor Rakhmetova A.T., the student the HAG of E.A.Buketova, gr. Naskenov S. GI-27, research supervisor Dzhumadildinova Zh.S.).

The presentation of the University in Russian Language was prepared by the undergraduates from the Czech Republic learning Russian in multilingual group of KarSTU, M. Klapal, M. Tesarikova, D. Svyata.

Following the results of competition of projects by winners became:

1 place – Magzumova A., Kobzhanov M., Hurshudov A., the research supervisor Sizov D. V. (gr. 2-090 OHMS, Karaganda state medical university);

2 place – Alpysbayeva G. (Karaganda state technical university), Baymagambetov N., Malikova B. (Karaganda state medical university);

3 place – Turar S., Makhambetchina And., Temirova A., Baydeldinov T. (Karaganda state technical university), Nurlan A. (Karaganda economic university), Naskenova S., Zhabagin A., Korzhumbayev And. (The Karaganda state university of E.A. Buketov), Papusha M. I., Busurmanov A. (Karaganda state medical university).

Deserve attention of reflection about a multilingulism as a factor of development of the Kazakhstan society of students of KSTU Duysengali A., Amanova And., Faiza Zh., Mash-13-1p. Authors of this Project “The Multilingualism in Kazakhstan is a Progressive Factor of Development of Kazakhstan” (research supervisor Zhuravleva L.N.) designate conditions of formation of the competitive expert.

The forum took place which touched a hot topic: a multilingualism as command of time not left indifferent participants; the thought that integration into world economic space isn’t represented possible without knowledge of world languages is once again confirmed.

During from May to August 2013 teachers of the department “Russian language and culture” had published articles in the following rating journals:

  1. Assoc. Ospanova B.R. published monograph in English «Information-Entropic Analysis of the Text Structure» in Germany : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
  2. Assoc. Ospanova B.R. published an article «Calculation Information Entropy of Language Texts» in the database Scopus.
  3. PhD, Assoc. Ospanova B.R. and senior teacher of the Department Kasenova N.A. published the article “The using of entropy in lingvosinergetike” in “Report of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kazakhstan .” – № 3, 2013 .

A training seminar of the basics of intercultural communication was held by Stanislav Benchich. There were received certificates of EurasianAcademy (Slovakia).

There was held a round table “patriotic education of the youth of Kazakhstan: state, problems and prospects” because of the sixtieth birthday of KarSTU on the 20-th of June in 2013. The moderator of the round table was a deputy of the Majilis Ferho S.I. All teachers of The department took a part in the round table.

There were held an international scientific- practical conference “Science and education are the leading factors of the Strategy” Kazakhstan 2050″” in the framework of the V Saginovsky readings. Teachers of the department Published articles:

  1. Taygokova A.A., Tokmagambetov D.K. Computerization in the modern educational process;
  2. Rakhmetova A.T., Amantay D.M., Ashimova A.T., Haliolla A.F. Innovative methods of teaching Russian language in a technical university .

A round- table discussion with Stanislav Benchicha , PhD doctors from the city of Bratislava (Slovakia) is a part of activities marking the 60th anniversary of KSTU. There were discussed issues of cross-cultural communication . The result of the round table was a decision of mutual cooperation between the Department of Russian language (Karaganda ) and the Department of linguistics and intercultural communication (Bratislava) .

Head of Department Ospanova B.R. have been trained in the Republican Institute for Management and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the decision of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Head of Russian Language and Culture Department, PhD, Assistant professor Ospanova B.R. was awarded with the Medal of A. Nobel (Certificate number 00440 dated 29 January 2013.)

In the period February-March 2013 teachers of the Russian Language and Culture Department published the following articles in journals rating:
1. Head of the Russian Language and Culture Department Ospanova B.R. published an article «Determination and stochasticity of hierarchical systems in lingual synergy and their application in evaluation of the writing and speaking styles of professionals», International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing (ICGIP 2012), 87684A (March 20, 2013).
2. Head of the Russian Language and Culture Department Ospanova B.R. published an article «Studying Text Structure in Linguistic Synergy» in the international journal «Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research» 12 (10): 1380-1385, 2012, included in the database Scopus.
3. Head of the Russian Language and Culture Department Ospanova B.R., Senior Lecturer. Timokhina T.V., Senior Lecturer Kasenova N.A. published an article «Forming Professional Communicative Competence When Learning foreign language» in the international journal «World Applied Sciences Journal» 21 (7): 1096-1099, 2013, included in the database Scopus.

Teachers of the Russian Language and Culture Department  (Ospanova B.R., Timokhina T.V., Aldynazarova R.M., Azimbaeva J.A., Kishenova A.Y., Aitpaeva A.S., Tokmagambetov D.K.) in February 2013  gave presentations at scientific seminar “Organization of learning Russian as a foreign language”, organized by the Tomsk State Pedagogical University.

Teachers of the Russian Language and Culture Department Timokhina T.V., Azimbaeva J.A., Kishenova A.Y., received certificates confirming the preparation of reports on the scientific seminar organized by the Russian-Polish Institute in Wroclaw city (Poland).

Teachers of the Russian Language and Culture Department Azimbaeva J.A., Kishenova A.Y. published reports in the international conference “of foreign language education in the modern world,” conducted by the Department of “Russian as a foreign language” MoscowStatePedagogicalUniversity (February 2013).

The head of Department Ospanova B.R. took part in the international conference “Basic and Applied Research. Education, economy and law, “the Rome-Florence (6-13 September 2012).

The head of Department Ospanova B.R. published an article «Some aspects of Language model in information theory» in the international journal «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL EDUCATION».

Within the framework the annual Inter-University Student Conference “Innovations in Engineering, Technology and Education” students under the guidance of Department of Russian language and culture of KSTU have prepared 20 reports. Students of the following groups were attended: GIK-11-1, OP-11-4, RET-11-2, MET-11-2, PO-11-1, GD-11-2, S-11-1, AiU-11-2, MASH-11-2, OP-11-3, BT-11-1, GM-11-1, IS-11-1, PO-11-1, BT-11-1.

The student of group OP-11-4 Toleugazina Aigerim took part in the Inter-University Conference “Science. Creativity. Innovations”(Russia). Scientific work of Toleugazina A. has passed the first stage of the competition within the Department on 03/06/12, and was sent to the competition for the best student work in Meleuz (Bashkortostan). The second stage of the competition will be held 04/12/12, in the branch of “Moscow State University of Technology and Management named after K. Razumovsky” in Meleuz.

The Head of the Department of Russian Language and Culture Ospanova Bikesh Revovna has won the project for grant funding.


On the basis of the Department of “Russian language and culture of speech” within the framework of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the RK a Roundtable “Problems and Prospects of Multilanguage Education in RK” was held. It was attended by Heads of KSTU, linguistic scholars from China, Turkey, and representatives of the Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Educators, teachers from KSU named after Buketov, the University “Bolashak”, teachers of educational institutions of the city.

As part of the roundtable were Serik Mustafauly – Dean of Faculty of Philology, professor Sanzhy University (China), Dogan Bulut – Director of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​, ​University Melikshah (Turkey), Lee Cingo – Director of the Confucius Institute in KSTU (University Shyhetzhy, China), Jan Chzhouyun – Chinese teacher Confucius Institute in KSTU (University Shyhetzhy, China), as well as Burhanbey – Director of the Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum of Karaganda, E.M. Ashimov – Director of the boarding school № 2 for gifted children named after Nurmakov, G.E. Zhukenova – Deputy Director school for gifted children “Murager”, K.I.Shubakova – Senior teacher of Foreign Languages ​​of Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Educators, E.A. Bashirov – Representative of the Regional Scientific and Methodological Center “Sary-Arka Daryny”. Speakers shared problems of Multilanguage training in educational institutions. They noted that multilinguism and multilanguage learning – the need of time because the whole world multiethic, multilinguism. The debate had a serious exchange of views, participants discussed issues of the educational process, scientific and methodological aspects of teaching Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages ​​in multilanguage society.


The research work of the department is in the following areas:

• improving methods of teaching Russian language in the non-linguistic institution;

• modern methods and forms of organization of educational process;

• optimization of verbal communication.

These areas correspond to the main purpose of teaching the Russian language on the modern stage – to teach specialist subjects to communicate in their specialty. In addition, several teachers conduct scientific research in the field of language style, which is associated with regional characteristics of the Republic, with the intensive development of bilingualism and multilingualism.


The scientific work of the department for 2011-2012 School Year

• Publication of scientific papers in journals of Kazakhstan and foreign countries;

• Plans to issue three E-educational publications;

• Active participation in national and international conferences;

• Passage of teacher training courses in the University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship;

• Teachers together with the students prepare presentation materials to mark the 20th anniversary of the independence of the RK.