The scientific field of the Department deals with the actual problems of Foreign Languages Teaching Methods in a technical university. The teaching staff works on the following issue: “Foreign language teaching of students in a technical university in the light of the Bologna Process”


Scientific works

The scientific topics of the Foreign Languages Department are carried out in the following areas:

1. Multilinguistic education in a technical university

2. Levelled education in foreign languages teaching

3. Integrated education in four kinds of foreign language speech activity

4. The application of information communication technologies in foreign languages teaching

The activities of the department for 2014-2015:

• publication of research papers in rating journals of Kazakhstan and foreign editions;

• active participation in international conferences;

• receiving three certificates of intellectual property for electronic educational publications;

• scientific training seminars with representatives of the CIS and foreign countries;

• participation in international programmes such as: JFDP, Fulbright, Humphrey Fellowship, Erasmus Mundus to receive scholarships to study in U.S. and European universities;

• participation in competitive programs in M. Auezzov and Y. Altynsarin awards.


Foreign Languages Department Teachers worked out two research projects on such themes as: “The development of scientific and theoretical modernization foundations of foreign language education in a higher technical university on the basis of computer linguo-didactics” and ” Innovative science and technology teaching development of language training in technical universities of the RK” which were submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


PhD, associate professor, Jantassova D.D. participates in the scientific researchprojectsonthe theme: «Scientific-theoretical bases  modernization system in developingforeign language speaking skills in a technical university on the basisof computer lingvodidactics  principles» assisted by  the Ministry of  Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of grant financing on scientific projects competition the Ministry of Education and Scienceof  the Republic of Kazakhstan has awarded the grant on realization of scientific researches in the field of language formation to the Foreign Languages Department of Karaganda State Technical University.

The total amount of sum is 20 million tenge.


Students’ scientific works


The research work of students is carried out in accordance with the research plan of the department. It covers two directions: education and research works.

«Lingua Discovery» students’ research club is held in the department under the guidance of  FL teacher, Master of Philology Beyskhanova S.A.

The main tasks of the club:

• Increase students’ interest in the research motivation of the department.

• Train students to work with the scientific and technical literature (search, selection, analysis, classification).

• Develop the ability to think in a foreign language, make own conclusions,  debate,  speak to the audience on professional issues.

First-year students under the teachers’ guidance  made speeches according to the four scientific topics  of the department:

1. Multilingual education

2. FL levelled education

3. Integrated approach in four types of speech activity in FL learning

4. Information technologies application  in FL teaching

The department held scientific seminars on the following issues:

1 linguistic basis for the professional communicative competence formation of students in technical university in multilinguistic conditions

2 software analysis in foreign language teaching

3 problems of methodology in integrated teaching of speech activity types

4. development of a leveled model in foreign language teaching for technical students

5. didactic principles of training for future technical specialists in multilinguistic conditions

6. peculiarities of the software application in foreign language teaching in the learning process

List of research and methodological works of Foreign Language department