Faculty Scientific Activities

At the Mining Faculty a great attention is paid to scientific work carried out on state budget and economic agreement themes. The total yearly amount of financing scientific research work of the Faculty exceeds 120 mln.tenges. The contractors are mainly large industrial enterprises of the mining-metallurgical complex, including the members of Corporate University: CD JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”, JSC “SSMPC”, LCC “Kazakhmys Corporation”, JSC “Zhairemski MCC”, JSC “Shubarkol komir”, JSC “Karagandanerud”, CF JSC “Azimuth Energy Services”, JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” and others.

The main scientific base of the Faculty is the laboratory of engineering profile “:Complex developing mineral raw resources” which is equipped with the newest equipment, units and instruments.

1. The number of staff at the Mining FAculty is 124 persons, ones having a scientific degree – 75 persons, the per cent of the is 60,5%, including at the chairs:

– S&G – 21, 47%;

– MRDD – 21, 76%;

– Gph&Gd – 20, 50%;

– MA&IS – 22, 63%;

– IE&Ch – 25, 48%;

– MM&E – 15, 87%.

In 2009 at theFaculty there were defended:

– 4 candidates dissertations (Nizametdinov R.F., Nizametdinov N.F. – S*G; Bakhtybayev N.B. – MRDD; Sattarova G.S. – MA&IS);

– 1 doctor’s dissertation (Кеnzhin B.М. – GPh&Gd).
In February 2010 there were defended two doctor’s dissertations:

– associated professor of IE&Ch Gazaliyeva М.А.;

– associated professor of S&&G Dolgonosov V.N.

In 2010 there are scheduled the defense of:

– 10 candidates dissertations;

– 5 doctors dissertations.

2. The amount of financing SRWs in 2009 was 67,5 mln.tenges including:

– state budget – 24,1;

– economic agreement – 43,4

The information of performing state budget and economic agreement SRWs at the chairs is presented in Table1.

In 2010 there is scheduled to increase the amount of financing SRWs twice, up to 130,9, including:

– state budget – 34,6;

– economic agreement – 96,3

The information of the scheduled STWs at the chairs is presented in Table 2.

By the late February the amount of financing at the Faculty was 50,5 mln.tenges (Table 3), including:

– state budget – 6,8;

– economic agreement – 43,7


There is continued an intense work on signing economic agreements on SRWs performing with mining enterprises.

In SRWs performing there participate from 79% (GPh&Gd) to 100% (S&G, IE&Ch, MA&IS) of the staff.

At the chairs of the Faculty there are 30 circles ofr SSRWs.

The number of students actively participating in scientific work, is 29% (GPh&Gd, IE&Ch) to 62% (MA&IS, S&G).

In 2008-2009 the number of publications SRWs was 163, including:

– G&G – 46;

– MRDD – 35;

– GPh&Gd – 27;

– MA&IS – 23;

– IE&Ch – 20;

– MM&E – 12.

41 works of the Mining Faculty students at the Republican contest for the best students scientific work 8 works were conferred the RK MES diplomas:

- I degreesecond-year student Ozhigin D.S. (sci.supervisor Nizametdinov F.K);

- II degree – third-year student Khavstova D (sci.sup. Kryazheva T.V.; second-year student Balabas A.Yu. (sci.sup. Dyomin V.F.);

- III degree – 4-year students Chuvashov P.Yu., Zhakibayeva А., 3-year students Lotoreva A.V., Mustafina M.B., Romanova Ye.V.; the work of students Kharlamova A.V.  Krylova N.V., Kushtayeva М.М., Мussin D.M., Nikiforov A.V., Salamatin V.A., Turchina Ye.

There were conferred grants of JSC “Science foundation” with the amount of financing 24,052 mln.tenges, including:

- IE&Ch chair16,500 mnln.tenges (scientific supervisors the RK NAS Academician Gazaliyev А.М., Bakbardina O.V., Ibrayev М.К.)

- MRDD chair (scientific supervisor s.t.s. Dyomin V.F.).

The holder of the grant conferred by JSC “Science foundation” for scientific research with the amount of financing 1,000 mln.tenges became MRDD chair teacher Bakhtybayev N.B.

For 2008-2010 there were conferred the RK MES scholarship:

– «For scientists who made a great contribution into science» – RK NAS Academician Gazaliyev А.М.;

– «For young talented scientists» – Bakbardina O.V.


Prospects ofSRWs efficiency increasing at the FAculty are in realizing the following:

1. To increase the number of candidates and doctors at the chairs up to 60%.

2. To activate conducting scientific research at the enterprise of Corporate University by means of increasing the number of agreements and amounts of financing SRWs, carrying out joint scientific research with attracting students on the basis of the contract relations for developing new technologies, equipment and materials providing improving specialists training quality and enterprises efficiency.

3. To participate in international, republican programs in the field of education and science and grants on SRWs.

4. To achieve the chairs staff participation in SRWs 100 %.

5. To develop international cooperation in the field of scientific research. To organize international joint scientific research.

6. To increase the number of research diploma and course projects to 30 %.

7. To introduce at open pits innovation technologies of laser and geo-tomographic scanning using the modern equipment of the laboratory of engineering profile (laser scanner Leica HDS, electronic tomograph-geoscanning system RAMAC GPR (Mala)) and scientific research carried out.

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