1. Scientific works performed

1) Subject: «methodology of the teaching process organization on the course of higher mathematics at a technical higher school»

Base for performing: Initiative

Scientific supervisor: prof. Tutanov S.K.

Main results: There was developed a methodology of statistical analysis of the students’ mathematical training using new information technologies.

2. Publication of SRWs results

2.1 Books (monographs)

2.2 Articles

2.2.1 KSTU publisher

«University proceedings», №1(34), 2009

1. Тutanov S.К.,  Dyomin V.F., Portnov V.S., Dyomin V.V., Zhurov V.V. Affecting the seam inclination angle and the side rocks anchoring depth on the mining working stability.

2.2.2 Journals published in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2.2.3 Journals published in the CIS.

2.2.4 Journals published far abroad.

2.2.5 Collections.

Continuous vocational education. International collection of scientific articles. – Novosibirsk, 2009

  1. Аbdygalikova G.A., Yegorov V.V. Questions of intellectualizing system of controlling engineers mathematical training.
  2. Аbdygalikova G.A., Yegorov V.V. Information-mathematical training of future engineers.

2.2.6 Deposited materials, advertising and information sheets

3. Participation in nconferences

3.1 General

Name Status Place and date of holding Number of presented reports
total Of them
With publication Without publ. Together with students
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1. Science and education as a leading factor of  «Каzakhstan– 2030» International Karagandas, KSTU, June 2009 1 1
2. Using technologies of distance learning in higher schools International Karaganda, KSTU, October 2009 1 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
3. Dynamics of modern science-2009 International Bulgaria, July 2009 2 2
4 WSCHODNIA SPOLKA-2009 International PolandPrzemysl 

wrzesnia 2009

1 1
total 5 5

3.2. Publication of reports:


Proceedings of the international scientific conference “Science and education as a leading factoring strategy “Kazakhstan – 2030”

1. Shveidel A.P., Mustafina L.M., Alimova B.Sh. Innovation technologies in DEM students’ mathematical education.

Proceedings of the international conference “Using technologies of distance learning at higher school”

2. Аgafonova L.A., Zhurov V.V. Positive factors of developing distance learning at present.

International conference  far abroad:

Proceedings of the V International conference “Dynamics of modern science – 2009”

3. Bokayev N.A. (ENU), Igenberlina A.E.. Isomorphism of Bessov classes on a double group.

4. Bakayev N.A. (ENU), Igenberlina А.Е. About strong summability of Fourier-Walsh rows in Bessov space.


5. bakayev N.A. (ENU), Igenberlina А.Е. Isomorphism of Bessov classes on double groups.

4. Certificates of the state registration of intellectual property object

1. Аubekerov N., Kyzylbayeva E.Zh., Abdygalikova G.A. Basis chassis уof transport equipment №485 оf  July 18, 2009.

5. Научная работа со студентами

In 2009-2010 academic year the chair staff organized the work of 7 students’ mathematical circles:

1. Operational methods  of solving differential equations Prof. Adilbek N.A.
2. Маthematical studies Mustafina L.M., Shevidel A.P., 

Sn.teacher Alimova B.Sh.

3. Solving differential equations with the help of operational calculus Akhmetov K.M.
4. Маthematical studies using information technologies Sn.teacher Agafonova L.A.
5. History of mathematics Sn.teacher kasymova L.Zh.Sn.teacher Shaikhova G.S.
6. methods of calculus Sn.teacher Makhmetova G.Sh.
7. Information technologies in mathematics Sn.teacher Abdygalikova G.A.

At the sittings of mathematical circles there were considered the questions which are not in the program of the mathematics course but which are interesting for the students that was reflected in there resumes  on the base of which they were preparing for participation in scientific-and-practical conferences.