Research work is an integral part of university scientific and educational activities, the most important component of a single process of training highly qualified specialists.

The created school of personnel training fully meets the requirements set for educational activity in the production of highly qualified specialists capable of solving the tasks of industrial and innovative development of the country. Students and undergraduates pass scientific internships in the leading universities of the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and other countries.

The Faculty cooperates with companies: LLP MTU “QUARTZ”, LLP “EPAM Kazakhstan”, LLP “Bely Veter”, 1C Franchising, LLP “Wooppay”, LLP “ERP Company”, LLP “XNet”, LLP “Vector-C”, LLP Luxystech, LLP TOMS, Lad-Кomir LLP, ABsalut Ecology LLP, Natige Sut Fabricasy LLP, and others.


1. Theme: The rationale for the formation of a new type of university (ITB) (according to the plan of scientific activity NIL_22 (problems of higher education). Scientific leader Kokkoz M.М.

Main results: An automated information system for training load organization based on the Android operating system has been developed.

In the development of software complexes, 7 students were involved: 2 certificates for the copyright object were obtained, 1 article was published.

2. Theme: Mathematical modeling of processes and complex systems (ITB) (according to the plan of scientific activity NIL_22). Supervisor – Danenova G.T.

Main results: Computer modeling of building structures on the example of truss constructions was performed. Discrete models are constructed, the analysis of the stress-strain state of truss structures is carried out.

Introduction of results into the educational process: execution of the diploma projects. 3 articles have been published.

3. Theme: “Introduction into the educational process of KSTU integrated methods of formation of Kazakhstan patriotism in the study of the history of Kazakhstan” (department of the IR). Stage 1 – “Patriotic education of students of technical universities”.

Basis for implementation: initiative. Scientific adviser: Ph.D., art. teacher Sagatova AS Performers: Nurligenova ZN, Kazbekova NA, Kasimova SS, Zhetpisbaev AO, Temirzhanova Sh.M.

Main results: the pedagogical conditions for the effective formation of the qualities of a citizen and a patriot among students of the KSTU are grounded. Published – 2 articles, 10 reports. 7 students are attracted to participate.

State budget themes:

4. Theme: “Physicochemical basis for modifying the coals of Central Kazakhstan in order to increase the yield of valuable processed products” (KhIFT Department). Basis for implementation: Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on innovative project No. 163-1 dated March 3, 2017. The contractual cost of research work for 2017 is 4.6 million tenge. The scientific adviser is academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of chemical sciences. A.G. Gazaliev. Performers: Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Ibraev M.K., Nurzhanova K.O., associate professor, Ph.D. Andreeva A.P., Gazaliev T., student gr. HUTOV-14-2 Golubev O.A.

Main direct results: the processes of direct extraction of coals by organic solvents for the purpose of extraction of mountain wax (montan wax), alkylation of coals with the purpose of increasing the yield of organic mass and the development of a basic technological scheme for coal processing have been studied. The yield of organic mass of coals increases during the alkylation of the latter. Experiments and processing of the results were carried out using methods of experimental chemistry and mathematical planning, which allowed obtaining mathematical models of extraction and alkylation processes in the form of regression equations. As a result of the analysis of published data and conducted experimental work, basic technological schemes for the complex processing of modified coal with a wide range of processed products have been proposed. The introduction of the principles of integrated coal processing will make it possible to use natural resources more economically and optimize the production of valuable products from coal.

Indirect results: The obtained data are used to prepare master’s works for undergraduates of specialty 6М072100 Chemical technology of organic substances (Rakhimzhanova Z.A., Akhmetov A.T., Isabekova D.S.).

5. Theme: “Development of innovative technologies for the production of industrially demanded composite materials under microwave activation conditions” (KhikhChT). Basis for implementation: Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on innovative project No. 163-8 dated 03.03.2017. The supervisor of studies is Dr. Ibraev M.K. Performers: Dauletzhanova Zh.T. (Laboratory of Methane Energy), art. teacher Karilkhan A., Zhunusova M.A. (KSMU), Malibekova A.A. The contractual cost of research work is 4.6 million tenge.

Main direct results: The processes of obtaining porous phenol-formaldehyde resin, gum-polymeric and composite materials using microwave activation were studied; A method for producing resins in closed frames of various dielectric materials has been developed. Experiments and processing of the results were carried out using methods of mathematical planning, which made it possible to obtain mathematical models for the synthesis of phenol-formaldehyde foam. A number of polymer composite materials of various nature are obtained. The technology developed in the process of the process fully meets the principles of the concept of “green chemistry” and, after the necessary adaptation, can be recommended for commercial use

Indirect results: The obtained data are used for preparation of master’s works for undergraduates of specialty 6М072100 Chemical technology of organic substances (Tyagunova O., Zholdasbaev M., Kuatova A.).

6. Theme: “Physico-chemical basis for the preparation of nanostructured foam-glass-crystal thermal insulation materials based on local technogenic raw materials” (KhikhChT department). Basis for implementation: Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on innovative project No. 163-9 dated 03.03.2017. The contractual cost of research work for 2017 is 4.6 mln. The scientific supervisor is Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor Nuguzhinov Zh.S. Performers: Doctor of chemical sciences, professor Ibraev MK, Rakhimov A. (SMIT), Baydzhanov D.O. (SMIT), Ph.D., Associate Professor Takibaeva A.T., Malibekova A.A., Shishlova Y.A.

Main direct results: The processes of obtaining heat-insulating foam glass-crystalline materials on the basis of high-siliceous technogenic wastes are studied, and the optimal process parameters are determined. The results showed the possibility of obtaining foam-glass-crystalline materials based on multicomponent mixtures composed of different types of high-silica technogenic raw materials, their mixtures in various ratios, and corrective additives. According to a two-stage scheme for the production of foam-glass-crystalline materials, it is possible to obtain heat-insulating materials based on tailings of copper ore, blast furnace slag and microsilica. This process takes place at lower temperatures compared to the process of obtaining conventional foam glass and with a significant reduction in the total time of the process, which significantly reduces energy costs, and also simplifies the technology. The possibility of obtaining foam-glass-crystalline materials according to the one-stage scheme is also shown.

Indirect results: The obtained data are used for preparation of master’s works for undergraduates of specialty 6М072100 Chemical technology of organic substances (Yarulin D., Zharzhanov A.)

Contractual topics:

1. Theme: “Monitoring the fertility of soils of” Astra-Agro LTD “LLP and vegetable crops (plant protection)” (KhIHT Department). Basis for implementation: Agreement No. 17.18.03 with Astra-Agro LTD LLP on May 15, 2017 Scientific Supervisor – Andreeva AP. Performers: Art. prep. Kinayatov M.A. and students of groups BT-14-2 and BT-15-1 Karataev M. and Dairova J.

The main direct results: The microbiological analysis of the seed material – wheat (seeds varieties Karabalik 1st reproduction, seeds sort Element 22, grade Elite), oats (seeds Vakula variety 1st reproduction, seeds Vakula 2nd reproduction, seeds variety Mirny № 4) and seed potato material (grade Brass SE, Red skarlet SE, Natasha 2 reproduction, Rodrigue 1 reproduction, Artemis 2 reproduction). The biological maturity and activity of germination of seeds – wheat (seeds of the variety Karabalykskiy 1st reproduction, seeds of Element 22, Elite sort), oats (seeds of Vakula variety, 1st reproduction, Vakula 2nd reproduction, Mirny No. 4) were determined.

Indirect results: Student of the BT-14-2 group Karataev M. The data obtained are used to prepare the thesis work, as well as the student of the BT-15-1 group Dairova Zh.B. the results of research use for the publication of abstracts of reports in student scientific-practical conferences.

2. Theme: “Testing the ropes of the drainage shaft” with Bogatyr Komir LLP (ITB department). The contract for the amount of KZT 1 826 922 was concluded under the supervision of Associate Professor V.V. Likhachev.

Auditing and commissioning works of stationary mine hoisting installations on the drainage shaft of the “Bogatyr” section were carried out.

3. Theme: “Development of a software module” Accounting for repair and damageability “of the automated control system of JSC” Astana-Teplotranzit “(IVS department). Basis for implementation: Agreement No.№№17.25.01 of 15.02.2017. with PKF “Sirius”. The amount of financing 2 000 000 tenge. Scientific adviser Tomilova N.I.

Main results: Development of the information model and software architecture of the software module. Brought to the development: Shafeev D (gr.ISM-17-2), Rakhimzhan B. (gr. VT-14), Tomilov AN.

First half of 2017-2018 academic year

Department Books (monographies) Published articles in journals Published reports Obtaining innovative patents and intellectual property certificates





















A total of 16 applications have been submitted from the faculty. Kaf. ITС – 2, office. IСS – 6, office. ССT – 8.

Passed in the competition for grant financing of scientific research for 2018-2020. (GU “KN MES RK”) 1 project:

The head is Professor Ibraev M.K. The topic of NTP: Development of effective methods for the synthesis of chalcones, flavonoids, stilbenoids and their chemical modification in order to search on their basis for potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents for medicine. Specialized scientific direction: Biomedical materials and biologically active substances. IRN: АР05133157


1. 25.11.2017. Tolovkhan B., engineer-designer of Corporation Kazakhmys LLP held a scientific seminar for students and undergraduates of the ICS department on the topic “Modeling and designing of mining operations using Geoinformation System DataMine” (all masters are involved).

2. The certificate of acceptance and acceptance of scientific and technical products was signed under the contract No. 17.18.03 “Monitoring of soil fertility of” Astra-Agro LTD “LLP and vegetable crops (plant protection)” (KhIHT Department). According to which, works on microbiological analysis of seed material – wheat (seeds of Variety Karabalkskiy 1st reproduction, seeds of Element 22, Sort Elite), oats (seeds of Vakula variety, 1st reproduction, Vakula seeds 2nd reproduction, seeds of grade Mirny No. 4) and seed potato material (grade Brass SE, Red skarlet SE, Natasha 2 reproductions, Rodrigue 1 reproduction, Artemis 2 reproduction).

3. On October 30, 2017, the Department of Chemical Technology was visited by students of the specialty 0816000 – “Chemical Technology and Production” of the Temirtau Polytechnic College. An excursion was organized for the students on educational and scientific laboratories, the Research Institute for New Materials and the New Technologies and Materials Information Center. The purpose of the excursion is to get acquainted with the scientific, technical and scientific-pedagogical achievements of the department’s faculty, as well as the presentation of the specialties “Chemical technology of organic substances”, “Biotechnology”, “Mineral processing”. In the future, it is planned to sign a memorandum of cooperation between KSTU and TPTC.

4. 11.12.2017 an on-site meeting was held to discuss the issue of implementation of the pilot production of JSC “Eurasian Foods” on the basis of the Department of Chemical Technology.

As a result of the visit of the Eurasian Foods JSC Department of the Department of Chemical Technology, the topics of promising scientific research have been defined:

1) Creation of a collection of living microorganism cultures for fermentation processes;

2) Development of products based on waste products of milk processing;

3) Determination of the ecological purity of products (heavy metals, etc.);

4) Determination of product quality voltammetric method.

5. Work is underway with LLP “Toparskie teplitsy” under the contract on cooperation dated 27.04.2017 (KhikhChT). The subject of the Treaty is cooperation in the provision of services for monitoring biosafety of artificial substrates and vegetable crops (plant protection) in Topar greenhouses. Financial conditions are presented in the Certificate of Acceptance of Scientific and Technical Products, which are additionally concluded between the Parties.

Scientific work on agreements on international cooperation

1. Cooperation with ITASCOgroup, Toronto, Canada (ITB Department);

2. In the period from 15 to 20 November 2017, the Acting President head. Head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemistry Takibaeva AT visited Shihezi (China), Shiheztsi University. The purpose of the visit is to conduct lectures and further promote scientific cooperation between the two universities, KSTU and Shihezi University.

3. During the period from December 04 to December 15, 2017, the meeting was held. head. Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemistry, Takibaeva AT, Professor of the Department of Chemical Technology, Ibraeva M.K. with professors G. Slepchenko. and Bakibayev A.A. in Tomsk (the Russian Federation). The result of the trip was the conclusion of a memorandum on two-diploma education in the master’s degree in the specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances” with NI TPU and NI TSU.

4. Implementation of the scientific project “Creation of a new medicinal form of the hepatoprotective drug” Cytafat – in conjunction with dr.n., Professor Uspenskoy MV, head. Department of Information Technologies of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies in Mechanics and Optics. (Department of High-Tech);

5. Implementation of the scientific project “Innovative Technologies for Waste Processing in Mining and Metallurgy and Other Industries” – in conjunction with the Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor of the Catalytic Research Laboratory AA Bakibaev. Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»

6. Implementation of the educational project “Bioengineering” – doctor of biological sciences, professor of the department “Ecology and safety of life” Akhmedzhanov R.R. Department of «Сhemistry and chemical technology»


On the basis of the Karaganda State Technical University operates an R & D laboratory. This first project of this level in Kazakhstan is the result of a joint initiative of the infocommunication holding Zerde of EPAM Kazakhstan and the management of KSTU.

According to the results of the republican contest “The Best Teacher of the University-2017”, Ph.D. Danenova G.T. and Doctor PhD Amirov A.Zh.

On February 23, 2018, KSTU hosted the scientific and student forum Digital Age, held as part of organizational events aimed at explaining the main provisions of the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan “New Opportunities for Development in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

The forum is organized by the Faculty of Innovative Technologies in cooperation with the Department of Digital Technologies Development of KSTU.

Participants of the Scientific and Student Forum “Digital Age”

February 23, 2018 in KSTU held a meeting of teachers, students with the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the KarSU named after EA. Buketov Koketayev Temirgali Abdildayevich (within the framework of the program “Ruhani zharyro”).

The event was attended by teachers from the Departments of History of Kazakhstan, the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh language and culture, the head of the department of local lore of the city library named after M.O. Auezov, Candidate of Philosophy Zhyltybaeva Gulyam Rashitovna.

March 27, 2018 in KSTU in order to effectively implement the state youth policy, a meeting of students and undergraduates of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies with representatives of the Youth Resource Center of Karaganda region on the opening of coworking center “GOODZONE” was held.

The scientific work “Balkhash. Library next »to take part in the International competition of computer works among youth and student youth” Digital Wind “in IT directions (participants of the senior lecturer Klyueva EG, st.Gr. FIT-14-2 (VT) Zholnerov D.)

R & D laboratory

On the basis of Karaganda State Technical University R&D-laboratory was established. This is the first project of such level in Kazakhstan that is the result of joint initiative of Information Communication Holding “Zerde”, EPAM Systems Company and leaders of KarSTU.

The purpose of opening of this laboratory is to improve the quality of education and formation of human resources corresponding to modern international standards for development of the ICT sphere in Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the laboratory, students become familiar with modern software development processes, reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained at the university, and acquire practical software development skills using the university’s scientific base and advanced developer company experience. For the productive training of students, the company EPAM Kazakhstan has fully equipped the laboratory with modern high-performance equipment.

KSTU can use the resources of the laboratory for its own purposes. In the long term EPAM Systems will also give support in the adaptation of syllabuses to modern requirements of production and in the development of scientific research in the field of software development at the level of world standards.

It is possible to say with confidence that opening of the laboratory will become an example of a model of training specialists for IT industry in the future. This scheme enables students to obtain assurance in the fact that after graduation they will be demanded in the labor market.

On behalf of KarSTU’s staff we want to thank the leaders of Information Communication Holding “Zerde”, the leaders of EPAM Systems Company for beneficial cooperation, which will undoubtedly bring great benefit to the development of science and education in our country.


LIST OF MISSIONS OF NIRS of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies in the Spring Semester of 2017-2018 academic year

Scientific works of the faculty departments:

“Information-computing systems”
“Information technology and security”
“History of Kazakhstan”
“Chemistry and Chemical Technologies”