Scientific research work of the department APP

On the state of research at the Department APP of January 1, 2015

To date, staff of the department APP performed research in the following areas:

  • Electrical equipment and automation of technological systems and processes;
  • Automatic Electric;
  • Protection and diagnostics of structural elements on high voltage pylons;
  • Research and development of control systems and heat supply complexes megacities;

The following state budget and contractual works::

  1. 1 Gos. budget work on the MES theme “Research and development of hierarchical control of information technology to optimize the operation of district heating systems of megacities.” Head Feshin B.N.
  2. Completed households. Contract work on “Modernization of control mechanisms for the main ups foundry cranes № 40-41 Q = 420 m separation NASA converter shop” Arcelor Mittal Temirtau “.” Head Breydo I.V.

Head. the Department of APP Breydo I.V. at the invitation of the administration of KEGOC JSC held a presentation on “Development of an experimental sample of cathodic protection elements transmission towers located under the ground, c powered by renewable energy power frequency electromagnetic field.” Currently, performed a feasibility study of the project.

According to the results of R & D staff of the Department of APP published:

  • 3 books (2 monographs published in Kazakhstan and 1 in Germany);
  • 30 articles. All articles published in journals in databases consisting citation Thomson – Reuters, Scopus, Kazakhstan or Russia KBTS RISC;
  • Abstracts 31 (30 in the Conference Proceedings);
  • with students and undergraduates 8;
  • 6 The evidence obtained intellectual property.

The creative team of the department under the direction of Breydo IV won a prize in the competition held corporate university “Samruk-Kazyna”. The theme of the project “Development of new methods of indirect assessment of insulators poles of 220-500 kV in operation in Central Kazakhstan.”

The basic researches and the workings out executed by chair AIP:

  • The automated control systems of quality and process of enrichment of coal
  • The standard project automated fanless installations of collieries
  • Information technology for operatively – dispatching management of technological modes big heatsupplying systems
  • The automated control systems of city passenger transport
  • Specialized computer complexes «Agloshihta»
  • The thyristor electric drive of a direct current of the feeder of a combine 1 CSE (crane the spherical electrified) (together with KRCI (Karaganda research coal institute))
  • Complex of the equipment for dredging of coal, slate and potash ores with тиристорными drives of feeders and cutting, забойного the conveyor and pump station mechanized fix (together with mining institute of А.А. Skochinsky)
  • Automation systems tunnel boring machines
  • Perfection of systems of automation of processes hot and cold proskating rinks
  • Optimization of operating modes tuyere
  • Robotics systems
  • Modernization of multiimpellent electric drives of the technological lines interconnected through the processed material
  • Experimental samples thyristor electric drives constant and an alternating current for chisel machine tools of geology-prospecting drilling
  • The thyristor electric drive of the device of aim loading of a excavator  – dragline
  • The transistor electric drive with microprocessor management
  • Systems of automation of processes of preparation of an emulsion for collieries
  • Experimental samples thyristor electric drives of the taken out feeder of combine KD-80, ground rope-ways, tape conveyors (together with KazSRIcoal (Kazakh scientific research institute))
  • Electric equipment, monoblock thyristor regulators of temperature and system of automation of technological lines on linoleum manufacture
  • Microprocessor measuring instrument of length of a conveyor tape
  • PPP TGID-05, GID2005KZ
  • Automated workplace colliery power; an automated workplace power of a coal cut
  • Thyristor stabilizers of an alternating voltage with microprocessor management
  • The relay of leak for protection inside excavator systems
  • Virtual laboratory complexes, virtual and electronic simulators of technological processes
  • Educational stands on digital electronics

Development of following subjects of SRW (scientific research work) is supposed:

  • Structurally-parametrical optimization of operated electric drives of technological units and technological lines of mountain-metallurgical manufacture
  • Imitating modeling of the interconnected electric drives of technological units and lines, electrotechnical complexes and systems
  • Working out of failure-safe operated electric drives for operation severe conditions
  • Working out supervisor control systems and control by the automated electric drives, electrotechnical complexes and systems
  • System engineering of technological control of the interconnected automated electric drives, electrotechnical complexes and systems on the basis of SCADA-technologies
  • Working out of computer technologies in power
  • Working out of geoinformation systems
  • Working out of control devices and protection of the electrotechnical equipment

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