Chair of Development of mineral deposits

SCIENCE: Scientific activity of chair, participation in projects

On department WOMD the great attention is given to the scientific work spent on state budgetary and contractual to themes. The general annual volume of financing of research works of chair for last 2 years exceeds 20 million tenge. Thus the customers of contractual themes are the large industrial enterprises of a mining complex, members of the Innovative Consortium «Corporate University»: CD joint-stock company «ArselorMittalTemirtau», joint-stock company «Zhajremsky GOK», joint-stock company “Shybarkolkomir”. Theme is carried out on state budgetary subjects of joint-stock company «science Fund».

The basic scientific base of chair is – Laboratory of an engineering profile: «Complex development of resources of mineral raw materials», on a line of activity «Research of a geomechanical condition of breeds» which is equipped by the newest equipment.

The chair research works are performed on following directions:

1)  a possibility of use of spreader, transport bridges works in the conditions of the central site of the Shubarkulsky deposit (academic adviser Drizhd N.A.). The volume of financing is 2 million tg.

2) Working out of progressive technological schemes of carrying out of preparatory developments with fastening (academic adviser Dyomin V. F). The volume of financing is 11,7 million tg.

3) Research of stability technological exposures at combined working off of minerals of joint-stock company «Zhajremsky GOK» mine Ushkotyn 3 (academic adviser Sydarikov A.E.). Volume of financing is 6 million tg.

4) Working out of a package of applied programs for calculation of parametres of supporting of mountain developments (academic adviser Bahtybaev N.B.) – 2 million tg.