Sciences research work

-The department has a research laboratory of ‘Complex maintenance of industrial and ecological safety, and a rational environmental management “( Head – Associate professor Naguman P.N).

– Initiative researches of an applied character are conducted in the following directions : – The use of flotation for the treatment of industrial waste water; “Complex use of physical and chemical methods of recycling industrial waste for industrial, ecological compliance and a rational environmental management” “Extraction of rare and trace elements from the waste for industrial, ecological safety and an environmental management”; “Modern methods and techniques of teaching subjects in higher education institution.” The work on the projects of grant funding is realized: – Production and implementation of humic substances for the need of agriculture –Head – Grand PhD in Chemical sciences, Professor M.K. Ibraev .; – Development and production of mini mells for obtaining wholemeal flour products with enhanced consumer properties – Head – PhD in Engineering, associate professor Fedorchenko V.I.;

– Improving the efficiency of the flotation of sulfide copper ore using new flotation reagents – Head – Ph.D in Engineering, associate professor Omarova N.K.; – The technology of surface cleaning and waste water from oil and disposal of waste material – Head -PhD in Engineering, Professor Obukhov Y.D.;

– Effective biotechnology of waste treatment dairy plants producing milk serum products receiving a food protein-vitamin preparations –Supervisor – senior researcher Andreeva A.P.;

– Screening study of the gene fund of honey bees Apis mellifera l. and developing strategies of preserving the purity of the population on the territory of the East Kazakhstan region – Supervisor – senior researcher Andreeva A.P. A new formula of domestic biolemonade, non- carbonated is created which allows to strengthen the food market of Kazakhstan with useful brand of natural products for human health. An alternative consumer choice of natural and biologically useful forms of refrigerated drinks or drinks filled with chemical additives and biostimulants is relevant and timely in the biotechnology era. Biolemonade composition includes serum, a major by-product of the dairy industry. The serum contains low molecular weight proteins, which are the growth factors regulating the processes of renewal and growth of the cells, so it is a truly the elixir of beauty and health. Serum has beneficial effects on skin and hair, so a variety of very useful food is produced on its basis. Innovative drink is enriched with honey containing 13-22% water, 75-80% carbohydrate (glucose, fructose, sucrose), vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, K, C, A-carotene, folic acid. Fortified fruit drink with lemon juice contains a significant amount of organic acids (citric, malic), pectin, sugar (up 3.5%), carotene, volatile; vitamins – thiamin, riboflavin, ascorbic acid (up to 0.085%), rutin, flavonoids, derivatives of coumarin, galacturonic acid, sesquiterpenes, hesperidin, eriotsitrin, eridiktiol. Biolemonade composition has unique properties and allows you to improve health and enhance the protective properties of the body. Biolemonade “Limes” – a product of the creative association of biotechnologists of Karaganda State Technical university and “Natije Suet fabrikasy”Ltd.

Research laboratory -18 “Problems of environmental management and environmental protection” The following research work should be realized :

1) “Physical and chemical bases of modifying the substance of Central Kazakhstan coal aimed to increase the yield of valuable products”. Head – academician of NAS RK A.M Gazaliev .; dates 01/02/2015 – 20/11/2017;

2) “The development of innovative technologies production industrially in demand of composite materials under microwave activation.” Supervisor – Grand PhD in Chemical sciences, Associate professor Khrustalev D.P.; dates 01/02/2015 – 20/11/2017;

3) “Physical and chemical bases of receiving nanostructured sponge glass crystal thermal insulation materials on the basis of local technological waste”. Supervisor- Grand PhD in Engineering, Professor Nuguzhinov J.S, responsible executor – Fedorchenko V.I .; dates 01/02/2015 – 20/11/2017.

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Plan of research work of Department on 2017-2018 year