The contract for 2012 between the Karaganda state university (department of «Mine aerology and a labor safety» and «Research of mineral deposits») and «Arselor Mittal of Temirtau» has been concluded. Result of the project is analysis of technological ways of recycling of coal methane of various concentration and sources.

Employees of the department  published 2 papers outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan in IV quarter of 2011.

In the Ukraine in the collection of proceedings of the Department of Energy and the coal industry of the Ukraine «Mine-rescue works» journal 48, Donetsk 2011, p. 35 …. 45.

A necessity of research of flame extinguishes barriers of a new generation. / V.M.Plotnikov, V.S.Harkovsky, N.A.Drizhd, N.H.Sharipov, E.E.Orazaly, A.V.Kharlamov.

Working capacity of existing barriers by efficiency of clearing of processes of burning and explosion in coal mines is considered. Transition from single to barriers of repeated action at the expense of aerodynamics of the analyzed phenomenon which is checked up on the basis of calculations and analog tests of foreign research mines and laboratory experiments is offered.

The reports in the collection to the Higher technical school of fire safety of  Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of conference materials «Organizational and scientific and technical problems of maintenance of fire safety» are published. Installation by definition explosion extinguishes abilities of powder materials. / V.M.Plotnikov, S.K.Kappasov, V.S.Harkovsky. (KSTU), V.I.Chovorov, A.A.Tchernyshev, V.L.Lehtmets (KSTU). Tashkent, Publishing house VTSHPB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ru – 86-88.

The technique and installation by definition explosion extinguishes is offered ability of powder materials on the basis of an estimation of reactionary ability of powders and conditions a flame extinguishes.

Experts of  KarGTU (the head the professor of department «Mine aerology and a labor safety» the Kharkovskyi V.S.), had been developed and introduced the device. Its introduction in a technological chain on a cut “East” joint-stock company “ЕЭК” companies has taken place in the middle of 2011. The given device has passed industrial tests and has worked more than 6 months. As a result of work of the device the dust content has decreased in 300 times.
According to the contract  between KARGTU and Coal department JSC Arselor Mittal Temirtau, the first stage of the Methane program on 2012 on a subject was executed: «To develop offers on creation artificial and to use of natural tanks for storage of coal methane, for the purpose of increase of reliability of gas supply of consumers». This contract is a program component on electrification of the Karaganda region when obtaining warm and electro energy on the basis of use of mine gas methane.

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