Department of ”Economics of the enterprise”

“Gornyaki” (“The Miners”) team included the magistracy student of ЭМ-12-2 group Rahmanberlina Tolganay was the winner of the selection stage of the Second All-Russian championship in case solution in the mining sphere.

On the 15th of March the team of KSTU included Sergeeva Darya, Mitko Ekaterina and Poleshuk Yana took the 3d place in the republican students’ subject competition in “Accounting and Audit” speciality.

A certificate of the copyright on the subject named “Жобалық смета ісі” (tutorial) has been taken by Akhmetzhanov B.A. and Tazhibekova K.B. on the 21st of October.

Professor of Vienna State University PhD James Tremevan has been visited the proffesional chair of “Business economics” from 12th till 26rd of October. The professor has been given a series of lectures on “Experemental Economy” for students and instructors.

In September 2013 signed economic agreements with JSC “Zhairem” on “Improving cost management system in the enterprise.”

Scientific publications of employees of faculty

1 Books (monographs):
– B.A. Akhmetzhanov ”Directions to diversify the economy of Kazakhstan: Problems and Solutions”


2 Publications:

– in journals with impact factor (“Problems of Economics” (Moscow), “Echo” (Novosibirsk), “The Economist” (Moscow), “International Journal” (Moscow) – 6 articles;

– in journals published in the Republic of Kazakhstan (“International Scientific Journal. Baspa-Bolashak”, “Sayasat POLICY», «Journal of DEs”, “Mining Industry of Kazakhstan”) – 9 articles;

– in the proceedings (PARTNERSTWO I WSPOLP) – one article;

3 Participations in conferences:

– international – 23 reports;

– republican – 7 reports;

– regional – a report;

Published 35 abstracts of conference participants.


Scientific publications of students under the guidance of teachers in the Department:

1 Participation in conferences and publication of abstracts:

– international – 2 of the report;

– republican – 10 reports;

– regional – 2 of the report;

– inter-university-9 reports.

In November of 2011 to the Commission VII International scientific and practical competition for the best work on insurance ”From Idea to Implementation step – 2011″ was presented a draft of the student group OC-09-2 Makenova M. (supervisor – Associate Professor Kochkina G. A.)

Students in conjunction with the department supervisors develop research projects on the Republican competition of student research papers 2011-2012 school year (last year at this competition aims of the two).

February 25-26, 2013. held republican scientific-practical conference on “Socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan: problems and solutions.”


Scientific work with students:

The department ”Enterprise Economics” operates two student research circle:

1)  ”Diversification of Kazakhstan’s industry – the basis of its efficient operation,” the head of professor Ahmetzhanov BA Circle of 8 students attend;

2)  ”Financial markets are the Republic of Kazakhstan: Problems and Prospects”, senior lecturer Kochkina GA Circle of 10 students attending.

Department partners:

Remote educational portal “Eurasian science”