Reports are accepted in the special collection Scopus, for preliminary consideration.

Best reports presented at the international scientific-practical conference “Integration of science, education and production as the basis for implementation of the National Plan” (Saginov readings No. 10) will be recommended for publication in a special issue of the journal MATEC Web of Conferences with additional processing and surcharge in the amount of 45 000 KZT.

Requirements for the preparation of articles

Reports are accepted in the special collection Scopus, for preliminary consideration.

The electronic version of the article should be written in Microsoft Word in Russian and English, the text Times New Roman, 14 pt. The volume of the article – no more than 6 pages A4. Margins: top and bottom — 25 mm, right and left – 20 mm, binding 0 cm, left position, portrait orientation. Page size: standard A4 (21 x 29.7 cm). Line spacing – single.


Full name of authors, (no more than 5 authors)

Name of University (full)

E-mail of the authors

Abstract (7-8 lines).

Keywords not less than 10

Authors should ensure high quality of translation of the material into English. The material should be of interest to foreign scientists, as it may be quoted, it is necessary that the text has a high originality, include high-quality graphic material. Plagiarism and the use of previously published material are not allowed. The authors of the article should clearly structure the article in sections at their discretion. It is necessary to perform a brief scientific analysis, describe the problem, suggest ways to solve it and describe the level of world achievements in the field of science. The article should present the main results of research and mathematical apparatus, as well as a description of the scientific methods used. It is necessary to present the findings at the end of the article. It is desirable to perform introduction and scientific analysis in a one-page. You can make references to own works and scientists from KSTU previously published in other publications, but not more than 20%. The list of references should contain more than 10 sources of third-party authors (not KSTU), it is desirable to use the article of Scopus base, not older than 10 years.

Articles are submitted electronically in Russian and English. All articles will be reviewed by independent external experts. The decision to accept the article for publication will be sent to the authors’ e-mail. The organizers are not responsible for the plagiarism and exclusion of the article from the collection. The authors of the article bear all responsibility for the quality of translation. Articles after positive review of reviewers and plagiarism check will be placed in the international Scopus database. The journal is not periodic and the published article will not allow the author to obtain a PhD degree. Publication of an article in a special issue of a Scopus is fee-paying.

Attention! For preliminary selection, the authors first submit a version of the article in Russian, after passing the examination and review, English version must be submitted (within 10 calendar days). The authors of the articles must comply with all the requirements for registration of the English version of the article.