Regulations on construction brigade of  KSTU

В летний период на 34 предприятиях Республики Казахстан было  трудоустроено 304 студента КарГТУ, занятых в  ССО «Политехник».   Из них – ИАС -70 студентов на 24 предприятияхИМ – 68 студентов на 18 предприятиях, ИТЭА – 40 студентов на 12 предприятиях, ГИ-51 студент на 19 предприятиях, ВТИ- 53 студента на 6 предприятиях, ТДИ-11 студентов на 5 предприятиях, ИКТС-7 студентов на 4 предприятиях, ИЭ-4 студента на 4 предприятиях.

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1. General Provisions.

1.1. Student construction team is created (hereafter SCT) at KSTU. The work is guided by present Regulations, approved by the study guide of the educational institution.

1.2. SCT is not a legal entity.

1.3. SCT can have its attributes – logo and branded outfit.

2. Objects and Objectives. The main object of SCT is to:

2.1 the organization of the employment of student youth, both in their free time from the learning process, and in vacation time

2.2 organization of construction works and land improvement, roads, structures or object of “Customer” under an employment contract – the formation of patriotism, a sense of citizenship – promoting healthy lifestyles.

3. Organizational structure.

3.1 The governing and coordinating body of the SCB is headquarters of SCT (hereafter Headquarters) at educational institution. The set of staff includes chief of staff SCT, commanders of SCT, members;

3.2 Headquarters coordinates study guide of the educational institution, Vice-rector of educational work

3.3 Headquarters of SCT directly organizes and coordinates the work of  SCT teams.

3.4 Gratitude and material rewards are commemorated to the heads of headquarters directly involved in the work of brigade who have employers’ gratitude after work of headquarters of SCT.

4. Commander of the SCT.

4.1. Commander is appointed by the study guide of the institution and is personally responsible for the production activities of the brigade, for the moral and psychological atmosphere in brigade and brigade members for the fulfillment of their responsibilities under the Charter of the University and present Regulations owed to study guide. Report on executed work is passed after labour term.

4.2. The commander has the right to:

– act on behalf of SCT study guide and to sign all the necessary material and technical and financial documentation, within its competence

– to make orders binding upon all SCT fighters;

4.3. The commander is obliged to: – prepare and sign a cooperation agreement with the customer; – to hold a conversation with SCT fighters on the objects and objectives, safety arrangements, rules of conduct in places of deployment – to provide medical examinations for SCT; – to distribute fighters into teams by the place dislocation of work, to appoint team leader among SCT fighters; – to lead education work among SCT fighters to mould a sense of citizenship and patriotism of Kazakhstan during all work season; -to control, to take measures to improve working conditions, food, living arrangements, medical examination and execution  of Safety rules by SCT fighters and Customer -to control and hold meetings with SCT fighters on personal responsibility of each fighter in compliance with generally accepted norms of behavior in the workplace, living conditions, about the correct relationship between fighters and employees of the customer, as well as with the local population; – organize and conduct sports and cultural events dedicated to significant dates; – to control the rate of  labour participation in the work of each SCT fighter.

5. Team leader.

5.1. Appointed by Commander of the SCT detachment and agreed with SCT study guide.

5.2. Team leader is entitled to:

– participate in personnel recruitment and formation of detachments;

– give instructions within his competence.

5.3. The team leader must:

–  be polite SCT fighter;

– control the quality of the executed work;

–  organize and coordinate production activity of subordinate team;

–  give a report on used construction materials and etc.;

– control compliance with the instructions of SCT study guide’s head, SCT commander and Head of the Customer;

– every day to make the coefficient of labour participation of each SCT fighter together with master;

– report all violations of labor and the internal order of the day to  master and SCT commander;

– to organize and facilitate to conditions for mutual understanding between subsidiaries and chief executives.

6. Fighter of SCT detachment.

6.1. Fighter of the detachment – is a representative of student youth, who expressed a voluntary willingness to work in SCT.

6.2. Fighter of the detachment realizes labour activity on the base of individual contract and must comply to internal regulations and carry out the work entrusted to him under the direction of the gang leader.

6.3. Fighter of SCT detachment must;

-pass session successfully;

-pass medical examination, briefing on safety in university and by the place of the work;

-read and sign individual contract with employer;

-work honestly, in good faith for this enterprise; -hold own detachment and university’s honour highly; -to participate in all cultural and sporting events; -to look after themselves, fighter of the detachment, safety regulations, preservation of given equipment, devices given him by Customer. 6.4. A soldier has no right to be drunk at work, in living conditions, to use drugs, to conduct anti-social, dissolute lifestyle.

6.5. SCT fighter is deprived of salary up to 50% and excluded from the ranks of the SCT for a single violation of labour discipline.

6.6. SCT fighter is obliged to compensate damage in connection with the loss and damage of equipment and devices given to him

6.7. SCT fighter is involved in administrative penalties up to expulsion from the university with the notification of parents and relatives for violation of 2,3,4,5,6 points.

6.8. Student-fighter records a statement in SCT study guide with a visa of the Director of Institute (Deputy director) and Head of the Department to begin labour term.

6.9. Fighter gathers materials of manufacturing practice during implemented work followed by report on the department

6.10. Gratitude and money reward from KSTU is declared for all students and detachments who have received letters of gratitude from employers. Gratitude and reward of Heads of detachment and workers of study guide is declared after SCT-2012 season;

6.11. Labour practice is set off to student participating in labour term of “SCT Politech 2012” set.

7. Regime and conditions of labour payment

7.1. Employer determines work regime of the fighters with SCT study guide’s agreement.

7.2. SCT fighter is provided with the break for rest and meal during daily work.

7.3. SCT fighter gets salary for his work in the amount established by the agreement of the parties, agreement of cooperation.

7.4. Salary is accrued to SCT fighter according to the coefficient of labour participation.

7.5. Salary is paid at the end of working term by the place of work.

In 2010 Student Construction team is turned 10 years, since the Soviet Union -51 years. Task to resume work of SCT in Kazakhstan was given in front of all universities since the Republican convention of SCT which took part in Astana, University by Gumilev.

Since 2000 KSTU was one of the first in the Republic who made structure of brigades, numbering more than 500 people by appeal of the Head of the State N.A. Nazarbayev of revival od student construction brigades.

SCT “Politechnik” takes the first place in Karaganda region  by results of executed work. SCT “Politechnik” reaffirmed its educational and work efficiency more than once. About thousand production and cultural-community facilities of strategically importance for state were built by SCT fighters during years of existence.

Many building schemes were awarded by “Quality mark”. Student environmental group “Zhasyl el” numbering 150 people works at University.

Many construction projects awarded  by “Quality Mark”. The University operates a student environmental group “Zhasyl el,” numbering about 150 people. It takes active part in provision of urban amenities and plantation of the territory of University and city.

The results of the work done of student construction team SCT “Polytechnic”

2010 year

Number of students working in SCT -2010 is 229 people

(196 fighters SCT and 33 “Zhasyl el”)


Summer labour term

Zhasyl el

SCT “Polytechnic”

1 Architectonic- building institute 18 75
2 Mining institute 20
3 Machine building institute 3 20
4 Transport and road institute 12 38
5 Institute of Information technologies 8
6 Institute of Energetics, telecommunications and automation 15
7 Institute of economy and business 2
8 Military-technical institute 2
9 Technological college 16
Total by universities 229 fighters

Students worked on the construction and repair of houses Ltd “Build Service”, Ltd “Parasat service”, Ltd “Aspap”, Ltd “The business stroy”, on building and repairing roads of national, regional and local importance JCS “Karaganda Zholdary”, “Kazautodor”, Ltd “Dorstroy”, urban fleets. The average monthly salary of the students who worked on the construction of the region ranged from 30 to 50 000 tenge. SCB fighters of 8 people who worked on the road “Western Europe – Western China” for the summer labour term (2.5 months) received a salary of 176 000 446 tenge. Students of College of Technology worked in Atyrau “Tengiz-220” in the number of 16 people, led by the teacher Kim Y.D. received over 100 thousand tenge. At the end of the summer labour term and work in the SCT -2010, staff and KSTU fighters were awarded certificates and diplomas from the Regional and National SCT study guides. Student of MF-08-2 group Abdramanov Dastan recognized as “Best fighter of the region -2010,” a student of BC-10-2group- Maksym Aidana – “The best team leader of Zasyl el by region”. October 28-30, 2010 held a meeting of the Republican meeting of Building Student Detachment of Kazakhstan in Kokshetau, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of SCT activity in Kazakhstan.

Many students remember work in construction teams for a long time, because it’s not only hard labour, but also friendship, solidarity of the team, mutual help, discipline. Students of the architecture-building institute Kott Sergey wrote verse and dedicated it to SCT study guide’s Commander Komisarenko M.N during work of SCT.

ССО – Политех

Grand opening of the SCT season work 2012

May 17, 2012 was solemn opening of the SCT season work “Dawn of the village, the dawn of Kazakhstan” in Central Park of Karaganda. The event was attended by 250 students of College of Technology, 20 students worked in 2011 in Sochi on the construction of Olympic facilities. Merit for contribution in construction of Olympic facilities and permit to work for summer season 2012 were received. After the solemn meeting the event continued in the Park of Victory and finished with excursion to Ice Palace and tennis court on South-east.

List of potential employers for KSTU for summer, 2012

List of potential employers for KSTU for summer, 2012

Name of organization


Types of work

Number of work places Monthly salary

Ltd «Parasat Service»


Rigging up, dismantling and etc.


30 000-50 000

PC «Aspap»


Repair-building, block-stone laying, consolidation of ground work in Besoba district


At the average 50 000

Ltd «Utex»

Building of housing estate on South-east(Karaganda, Shakhterov avenue 36)



30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Utex»

Building of housing estate on Ermekov street  (building block 5)



30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Utex»

Cascade square

Provision of urban amenities


30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Utex»

Area of Central mosque in Karaganda (Park by 10 years of Independence of the RK)

Provision of urban amenities


30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Agropromstroy»

Schemes in Karaganda

Roofing system, bond


30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Building company «Kulager»

Building of the First President of the RK intellectual school  (Karaganda, South-east)

Building (bricklayers and etc.)


30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Karagandy Zharyk»

Work in organization department Ltd «Karagandy Zharyk» (sub-stations)


Number will be announced later


Ltd «Kazdorstroytech»

Schemes in Karaganda

Repair-building works


30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «Karagandy Kurylys»

Schemes in Karaganda

Repair-building works


30 000 – 50 000

Ltd «DCS of reconditioning of roads»

Schemes in Karaganda

Reconditioning of roads


30 000 – 50 000

JCS «NK «KTZ» – «Centre of evaluation and staff development of rail transport»


Building works