SPECIALTY 5B070600 – Geology and exploration of mineral deposits – bachelor.

The term of study for full-time– 4 years.

Preparation is conducted on internal and correspondence modes of study together with chair «Geology and investigation of mineral deposits» and comes to the end with assignment of degree of the bachelor. Further education can be continued on magistracy educational programs.

Training is spent both under the state order, and on a paid basis in Russian and state languages, on credit technology.

Training cost a year:

– A full-time course of study – 347 000 kzt.

– The reduced mode of study – 180 000-210 000 kzt.

– The second the higher – 180 000-210 000 kzt.

Number of credits for a speciality – 147.

The reception order in a bachelor degree is established according to Typical rules of reception in the organizations of formation realizing professional curriculums of higher education.

After the second year speciality division on trajectories is made.

Learning paths:

– Geological survey, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposit

– Geophysical methods of exploration (oil and gas)

– Geophysical methods of exploration (ore)

Geological and Geophysical methods used for the exploration of oil, gas, ore and coal deposits in hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations. Widespread use of geophysical methods were in the exploitation of oil and gas fields. Results of Geophysical Research – the most important geological documentation, which is solved with the help of an extensive range of geological problems. At present, our graduates work in all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as the near and far abroad.

Our specialists are involved in program development and processing of materials related to geophysical research, development of regional water supply of settlements and industrial enterprises, engaged in scientific research in the field of geochemistry and geophysics.

SPECIALTY 6М070600 – «Geology and exploration of mineral deposits » – master’s degree.

Normative duration of development of educational graduate programs depending on the direction and previous training is:

– Profile preparation – 1.5 years;

– Scientific and pedagogical training – 2 years.

There are two trajectories profile training undergraduates : miner geology and mine geology .

In case of early development of educational graduate programs and successful protection of the dissertation for the academic degree “Master” is awarded to the applicant the required degree , regardless of the period of study .

Master’s degree in 6M070600 Geology and exploration of mineral resources as a specialist for companies engaged in all phases of subsurface exploration and mining production, controls and process expertise subsoil scientific organizations conducting geological studies .

For master’s degree in scientific and pedagogical direction training priority activities than those listed above are : teaching in vocational and higher education institutions , as well as scientific geological studies .

Graduates who have successfully mastered learning Masters Degree prepared for doctoral studies .

SPECIALTY 6M074700 – Geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits – Master’s degree.

Master’s degree 6M074700 – Geophysical methods of prospecting for mineral deposits were discovered in 2010.

To the students who have mastered corresponding educational programs of postgraduate vocational training, the academic degree – the master is awarded.

Training is spent both under the state order, and on a paid basis only under the internal form in Russian and state languages, on credit technology.

Training cost a year – 425 000 kzt.

Now a professional training in a magistracy is carried out in two directions:

– To the profile

– Scientific and pedagogical.

Training term by profile preparation makes – 1,5 years; by scientific and pedagogical preparation makes – 2 years.

Number of credits for a speciality:

– A profile direction – 41;

– scientific-pedagogical – 53.

Reception in a magistracy is carried out on a competitive basis by results of delivery of two examinations (a foreign language and special disciplines).

Master of Science 6M074700 Geophysical methods prospecting of mineral deposits can work: as an expert on geological and geophysical companies, scientific organizations engaged in geophysical research.

For master’s degree in science teacher preparation towards priority activities, but these are taught in vocational and higher education institutions, as well as scientific geophysical research.

Graduates who have successfully mastered the education master’s programs are prepared for doctoral studies.

From September 1, 2014 department of “Geology and Geophysics” carries out of students PhD in accordance with the license of MES RK (order of MES of RK dated 22.10.2012 №12014940).

PhD students pass obligatory scientific training in the foreign scientific heads of the leading scientific and educational centers during of writing a doctoral thesis.

Prospects for the development department connects with:

– Computerization and introduction of computer technology in education, implementation of application software packages, staffing logistics by equipping with modern computers, logging stations, equipment, probes and measuring devices;

– The opening of PhD specialty “Geophysical methods of prospecting of MD”

– Expansion of international contacts with companies and universities abroad and CIS countries.