Programmes of the faculty of Architecture and Construction

The training of specialists at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction is part of the credit technology for multi-level system:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Master.

This year’s planned opening of doctoral PhD

In the Bachelor’s degree:

  • 5B042100 – «Design»;
  • 5B042000 – «Architecture»;
  • 5B073000 – «Production of building materials, products and designs»;
  • 5B072900 – «Construction»;
  • 5B074500 – «Transport construction».

In the Master’s degree:

  • 6M072900 – «Construction»;
  • 6M073000 – «Production of building materials, components and structures»

For training at our institute, the students need an interest in learning, a desire to learn new things, be open to making knowledge and skills.