Specialties of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies!


Training of specialists at the Faculty of Innovative Technologies is carried out within the framework of credit technology for a multilevel system:

Baccalaureate, master’s degree.


Bachelors study on specialties:

  • 5В060200 «Computer science»;
  • 5В070300 «Information systems»;
  • 5В070400 «Computers and Software»;
  • 5В070500 «Mathematical and Computer Modeling»;
  • 5В071600 «Instrument making»;
  • 5В100200 «System Information Security »;
  • 5V070100 «Biotechnology»;
  • 5V072100 «Chemical technology of organic substances»;
  • 5V073100 «Safety and environmental protection»;
  • 5V073700 «Mineral».

Masters’ program includes:

  • 6M070300 «Information systems»;
  • 6M070400 «System Information Security»;
  • 6М072100 «Chemical technology of organic substances».