Подпрограмма «Рухани қазына»

On September 18, 2018, within the framework of the implementation of the State Program “Ruhani zhanykiru” (subroutine “Rukhani Kazyna”), the RYaYK department organized and conducted the event “Language is the living soul of the people” dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the motto: “A person who studied culture and language of another people, becomes equal to him “.

The event was attended by 1st year students with the state language of instruction of different faculties. The concert program included verses, songs in Kazakh (Usen D., Kalykbergenova A.), Russian (Tokanova A., Bekmagambetova A.), English (Kakenova A., Kazbaeva J.), Kirghizian (Bozkenova A.), Chinese languages ​​(Kusyman E.). Students Erakhmet G. (BT-18-3) and Gabbasova A. (BDW-18-2) performed Kazakh and Spanish dances. A student of the BD-18-1 group performed kuy “Aday”. The entire program students Nurlan E., Seydakhmetova A., Kazbaeva Zh. Conducted in three languages. The audience of the program was the students of the 1st course who applauded each number in unison.

The manifestation of interest in the study of languages ​​and the cultural heritage of other nations contributes to the education of student youth patriotism, the strengthening of national unity, respectful and careful attitude to the traditions of the people.