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TOO MTU “Quartz”

TOO “MTU QUARTZ” as a specialized company, was formed in September 1958. Originally it was called CAM-6-5 PMT (“Special mounting department № 6” in the “Design and installation of the trust number 5) – Order from 16.09.1958 № 154, the State Committee of USSR Council of Ministers on Electronics.

The company has passed a series of transformations:

SMU-6-5 PMT renamed KUPMR (“Karaganda management of design and installation work” in the “All-Union Design and Installation of trust” (VPMT) – Order from 31.10.1966 № 63 years;

KUPMR renamed MTU “Quartz” (Installation engineering department “Quartz” in the TSNPO “Cascade”) – the order of 16.08.1983, № 166;

MTU “Quartz” was transformed into JSC “Quartz” (JSC “Quartz”) – the order of 09.03.1993 № 38 years;

JSC “Quartz” was reorganized into OJSC “QUARTZ” (OJSC “Quartz”) – the order of 14.12.1999 № 93 years;

JSC “Quartz” converted to LLP “MTU QUARTZ” (Limited Liability Partnership “MTU Quartz”) – the order of 20.01.2006, № 8.

TOO “MTU QUARTZ”, as one of the leading enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan on installation and setup of telecommunication systems and security systems, operates in the interests of:

* Consumers (customers);

* Suppliers;

* Partners;

* Members and employees of the partnership;

* Society and the State.

Main policies LLP “MTU QUARTZ”:

– Ensuring the quality demanded;

– Identify current and future needs of our customers to meet their expectations of TI;

– Targeted modernization efficient equipment and advanced technologies;

– Education, involvement in and use the creative potential of all employees of the partnership;

– The establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and other stakeholders.

The main objectives of the Company “MTU QUARTZ”:

– Providing high quality installation and commissioning works carried out in a timely manner and in accordance with the design-budget, regulatory, technical and installation and technical documentation;

– Improving productivity and average wages per worker in the production of construction and commissioning.

Over a long period of industrial activity now has extensive experience in telecommunications.

Since its establishment, “MTU QUARTZ” retains its own specialization and perform complex operations, from design to maintenance of telecommunications systems and security systems.

The main fields of activity:

Line and station facilities of communication;

External and internal cable lines and networks;

Fiber-optic communication lines;

Structured cabling systems;

Local area networks;

Wire and wireless communication systems;

Operational system and speakerphone;

Perimeter security systems;

System control and access restrictions;

Burglar and fire alarm systems;

Sound system and alarm systems;