Our graduates

The department of «Nanotechnology and metallurgy»

Ivanajsky Alexey Vasilevich
Dr.Sci.Tech., the pro-rector of the Moscow state open  university.
Finished КWTI in 1973. (Group LP68).Worked at the enterprises and the research organizations of a city of Almaty. Dr.Sci.Tech.

The rector of Diplomatic Academy of the Republic of  Kazakhstan Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Finished Karaganda Weed Technical Institute in 1967. (Group LP 62-2), N.A. Nazarbaev’s  Universityfriend. Worked at the Karaganda metallurgical industrial complex, in party and Soviet bodies. Was the first Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Povetin Anatoly Alekseevich
Dr.Sci.Tech. The director of Temirtau electrical-metal works.
Finished КWTI in 1975.
Worked at the New-Karaganda machine-building factory, the master, the chief of foundry shop, the chief engineer. In 2016 with a baccalaureate a department produced 45graduating students on speciality 5В071000 is Materialoved and technology of new materials, 98 graduating students on speciality 5В070900 is Metallurgy.

All of them are employed on enterprises: the Karagandacasting-machine-building plant of corporation, Karagandacasting plant, Plant on treatment of the coloured metals city Balkhash, machine-building plant №1, “Sokolovsk-sarbai ore mining and processing productive, Himiko- metallurgyka institute of thename G. Abihev, “Plant of the name Parhomenko”.

In addition, successfully 9 graduating students of city councilprotected master’s degree dissertations on speciality 6М071000 is Materialoved and technology of newmaterials, 13 graduating students on speciality 6М070900 isMetallurgy.