Online competition

Online competition was held in the period from 27.09.16 to 03.10.16 at KSTU. In general, 34 students from the faculties as: Engineering, Mining, Civil Engineering and Construction, Information Technology, Transport and Road took participation.

The main purpose of the competition was to create conditions for the development of students’ interest to the country and the culture of studied foreign language.

The tasks of the Olympics consisted of support: motivation to study cultural characteristics of the country of studied language; expansion of the facts of cultural and scientific exchanges between the countries and people; interest to the little-known events in the field of intercultural communication.

The competition was held in two rounds. The organizers had prepared the tasks on country studies. The first round consisted of the online test, which reviewed cross-cultural knowledge of students. The test consisted of 40 questions, it was required to respond within 20 minutes. The second round, writing, essay writing included suggested topics by the organizers of the competition. In total, there were 3 themes:

– The key to cross-cultural success is to develop understanding of and a deep respect for cultural differences;

– Government and culture are two diametrically opposed forces — the one blinds and oppresses, the other uplifts and unites;

– If you want to know what is important to a culture, learn its language.

Results of competition participants were summed up by the points for each activity. With the result of 71 points for both rounds for this competition, the third place winner was the student of Mechanical Engineering Faculty, group MASH-15-3 Abdykarimov Kairat Dulatovich, whose instructor was a teacher Kakulya Zhanna Mukhamediyevna.

According to the results, with the result of 41 points, Karaganda State Technical University took the third place.

All participants and their mentors were sent certificates and letters of appreciation to the email addresses.