In the first days of May Kazakhstan noted one of the most kind and bright holidays – the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. It is a holiday of friendship, understanding and harmony, which are so necessary for a peaceful life in a country where more than 150 nations and nationalities live. Kazakhstan’s big family includes Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Koreans, Uighurs, Kyrgyz, Chinese, Jews, Armenians, Georgians and many others. Each of these peoples is unique, but together in Kazakhstan they are one friendly people. And this is the meaning of the May Day holiday.

So, and in KSTU in anticipation of this sunny and wonderful holiday for students of all courses and faculties, an educational event “Day of unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan – a holiday of interethnic and interreligious harmony” was held. According to the established tradition, the organizer of the event was the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of KSTU under the leadership of the head. Chair, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Jantasova Damira Dulatovny, as well as those responsible for conducting the event of the teachers of the Department of IY Isotova Aigerim Serikovna and Atkenova Aygerim Sayatovna. Opening the holiday, leading events (student of the city of RET 17-2, Naptalov Abylai and student of GD-16-2, Kabdenova Aina) solemnly greeted the guests, teachers and students of the holiday in Kazakh, Russian and English. After that, the national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan sounded.

The holiday was a bright series of performances by talented students of KSTU. The grateful audience received each number warmly and happily. The first with a wonderful song in English was the students of the bands Mash-16-1p, TT-16-1s: Magzumbaev Alikhan and Tugelbaev Marat. Further, the student of the group Met 17-1 Kizyraynov Beksultan played virtuoso on dombra, and the student of group BT-15-5, Zhandildina Marzhan superbly sang the song in the Kazakh language “Dudaray”. Also, the students of the TS-17-1 group showed a beautiful wedding ceremony “Betashar”. Spectators were fascinated by the wonderful play of students “actors” and the beauty of the traditions of the Kazakh people.

In addition, the guests of the event had the opportunity for half an hour to enjoy the charming Kazakh, incendiary gypsy and equally attractive Uzbek dances.

At the end of the event, the presenters once again congratulated everyone on the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan, as well as handed certificates to all students. It was a very positive, interesting and easy holiday !! Thanks to everyone for their active participation !!