November 19 – Day of Missile Forces and Artillery

Artillery is one of the oldest native troops. Its importance has increased particularly in armed conflicts of the twentieth century , with the development of the technical capabilities of weapons . During the Second World War, new types of guns, such as the legendary “Katyusha” , who made a great contribution to the victory over Germany .

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 21 October 1944 has been set artillery Day holiday (from 1964 – Day of the missile troops and artillery ) . It was a recognition of outstanding service Day of Missile Forces and Artillery in World War II . Date of November 19 was chosen . It was on this day in 1942, thousands of volleys of artillery and mortars, hundreds of rocket launchers told the world about the beginning of a grand Soviet counter-offensive at Stalingrad.

To this day, missile troops and artillery fire are the main force of the Land Forces . This is due to a number of obvious advantages kind of troops , such as agility, precision strikes , efficiency of their application , insignificant dependence of the efficiency of the fire season, day, weather and other conditions. It is clear that in the foreseeable future rests with the missile forces and artillery fire missions in the volume of transactions of local wars and armed conflicts will only increase. Currently , the festival is still celebrated on November 19 , however , it is called “The Day of the missile troops and artillery .”


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