CAD students prepared abstracts for participation in Interuniversity student’s scientific conference “Innovations in technology, technology education”, to be held from 19-20 April 2012, KarGTU.


Karaganda State Technical University conducts the 7th International Distant Olympiad on programming for students and schoolchildren INTER 2012

Olympiad stages

I round – Solution to tasks

II round – Solution to task from sponsor – LLP «NAT Software» (for students)

Period of Olympiad holding

15.03.12 from 1000 – 02.04.12 till 1000 – registration of participants on the site of Computer Engineering and Software chair

I round

03.04 at 1000 – giving out of tasks

03.04 – 06.04 till 1000– tasks’ reception by e-mail

06.04 – 10.04 – checking of tasks

II round (for students)

10.04 at 1000 – giving out of task from sponsor

10.04- 13.04 till 2400 – task’s reception by e-mail

14.04 – 19.04 – checking of an additional task

20.04 at 1500 – Olympiad’s ceremonial closing, awarding of diplomas and prizes

Place of Olympiad holding

KarSTU, chair of Computer Engineering and Software, 301 aud., main building

56 Peace Boulevard


Republic of Kazakhstan

All information about holding of the 7th International Distant Olympiad on programming is located on the Olympiad site:




CAD Department trains students for the olympics on the Geometric Modelling. Lecturer – Limareva I.G. Students wishing to participate in the Olympics, the oud. 429.



Karaganda State Technical University in cooperation with the LLP «PLUSMIKRO» EPAM Systems Competence Center of EPAM Systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan holds an Olympiad on EPAM Systems information technology of 2012 year among 1-4 grade students and undergraduates of KSTU.

Dates of quizzes
03/12/2012 city – 03/16/2012, as follows: Registration, Department of Information Technologies KSTU, 408a., main buling.
03/17/2012, 10.00 – 14.00 Competition.
03/17/2012 – 3/20/2012, as follows: Score works. Summing up the results
03/28/2012 Closing ceremony of the quiz and prize giving.

1st place – Notebook DELL Inspiron N5040
2nd – Электронная книга M-Book Mini
3rd – USB HDD External Western Digital My Passport Essential

The Republic of Kazakhstan
Karaganda, Mira blvrd, 56
KSTU, Department of Information Systems, 200 (a-e) (Main building)


Department CAD SYSTEM began courses EPAM Systems ‘ Java. Web Development “.


In lecture classroom chair (425, 426, 430) installed new equipment (multimedia projector, Panasonic) students took part in a rally on the 23-year-old anniversary of Ukrainian troops withdrawal from Afghanistan held at the monument to soldiers-internationalists.


The Ministry of education and science of RK is a scientific project “Development of technological process of extraction metals from ore and technogenic raw materials” for participation in the exhibition-competition of research applied character.

Participated in the development of the project: scientific project manager – Gazaliev А.М., responsible teacher CAD Apachidi N.K., Limareva I. G., Rayts N. R., as well as students of group VT-09-2 Apachidi K.N., Anastasov О. М.