Congratulations to the student of GM-09-2 Bazarbaeva Amankeldi became bronze medalist at the World Championship in Combat Sambo took place in Moscow on 21 December 2012.

2.Report on KSTU Powerlifting Championships.

The competition was held in the sports complex, the 12/01/12. They were attended by 57 students from eight institutions.

As a result, were distributed as follows:

I place – TDI 54 Pts

II place – GI 53 Pts

III place – ITE and A 47 Pts

IV place – VTI 39 Pts
V Place – ICTSI 37 Pts

VI place – MI 14 Pts

VII place – IE 14 Pts

VIII place – IAS 4och

By analyzing data from the competition in comparison to previous years, we note a marked increase in the skills of our students in the sport, a large number of participants. Students who were not the first time showed good results, and skills took particular interest in this event. Were first admitted to college students (not in competition). According to the results of the competition were awarded to students discharges that match classification standards adopted by the Agency for Sports and Physical Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All participants unanimously requested that the behavior of the same competition at the Nowruz celebrations.

Art teacher Kuzhahmetov SB