New service Poiskvak – search engine on the Russian National magazines.

Poiskvak  conducts a full-text search by archives of 1286 magazines included the higher attestation Commission of the Russian Federation in the list of recommended for publication of the results of the thesis.

It is no secret that when searching information on the Internet scientist faced with the fact that any search engine gives a lot of “slag”. And sometimes, in order to find an article on keywords relevant scientific level, it is necessary to “shovel” a huge number of introductory texts and abstract nature.

Poiskvak ( aims to facilitate the heuristic work of a scientist. It is focused on finding solely on the journals recognized by the scientific community and recommended for publication of the results of dissertation research.

Postvak is a free service that will help scientists to solve the following tasks:

  1. to search for scientific articles
  2. to prepare a literature review for articles, theses or monographs
  3. to find magazines to publish own experience in key words

Postvak in most cases allows you to download full-text versions of articles.

Scientific periodicals faster just displays methodological innovations. Therefore, access to full-text versions of articles published in National magazines, allows the scientist to quickly respond to the scientific discussion in the form of reviews and feedback, use of scientific innovations in the development of courses of lectures and scientific-methodical manuals. Acquaintance with the achievements of Russian scientists to determine the level of development of different topics and deliver relevant for modern science questions.

Poiskvak  ( is indispensable when writing a literature review for a research study.

To familiarize with the Russian scientific articles on a particular topic, simply enter in the search box of  Poiskvak keywords for Your topic or the most significant names of scientists who develop it.

Please note that the search is reasonable to carry out both in Russian and in English languages.

Poiskvak will help you to find a journal to publish Your article.

If You are confused where to submit for publication the results of Your survey, You will need the sidebar of service Poiskvak. Here, after You enter the key words in the search field will automatically see a list of the journals in which already have publications on these requests. Clicking on the link to the magazine, You automatically go to the address of his office.