To the memory of a good friend

On 9 June 2017, the presentation of the book dedicated to the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Vice-rector for Education and Methodology Egorov Viktor Vladimirovich suddenly died six months ago was held in the conference hall of Karaganda State Technical University. The presentation was attended by the daughter Alena Viktorovna with her spouse, members of the Academic Council, colleagues and friends of Viktor Vladimirovich.

The participants unanimously noted that they do not have such a shrewd, indifferent to other people’s problems, extraordinary and trusted friend.
The book contains 59 articles in which friends, colleagues, and students sharing their fond memories about Viktor Vladimirovich. The idea of its creation appeared in the January, after December 31 of last year, for forty days, the Center of Engineering Pedagogics was named after Viktor Vladimirovich Egorov. This event was marked with a memorial plate and an information stand. For the 6 months of hard work were collected the memories of people from different cities of Kazakhstan and Russia, which were closely associated with Viktor Vladimirovich.
“First impression: a serious man, energetic in combination with wisdom – is not it the sign of a real scientist? The first purely intuitive impression and this was always confirmed at the subsequent meetings, he looked younger than was actually the case. It’s true: the one who works hard, looking, thinking, talking with young, he looks younger in appearance, and internally – no doubt. But he worked really much and with dedication, the result of titanic work – a scientific school of professor Egorov was created and a large number of books and publications were written – shares memories professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Study of S.Toraigyrov PSU Vasily Krivoruchko. “On life’s journey, each person needs to meet the conductor and mentor, a keeper of wisdom and a teacher. We call Viktor Vladimirovich so; this name fully combines his personal qualities of a mentor. By humble example, breadth of vision and knowledge he has demonstrated achievements and impressive causing the desire for imitation” writes Dean of the Faculty of Extramural and Distance Education of KSTU Boris Glotov. “His door was open to everyone. People go there not only for ructions, but with their problems, adversities, and joys. To each visitor he found the time to listen, offer support, a kind word, a joke with favorite sayings. There was an expression at university that Egorov’s heart is as big as a bus “Ikarus”. And this heart could not withstand the huge load, which fell on the shoulders of Viktor Vladimirovich in the last year of his life” – said the head of the Department “Automation of production processes” of KSTU Iosif Breido.

During his life, Viktor Vladimirovich touched the heights, has written numerous scientific papers and has trained several generations of successful students. Viktor Vladimirovich Egorov was, is and will be the pride and wisdom of Karaganda State Technical University!