Material resources

Information on training conditions (material resources for training).

In the course of training students study obligatory and elective disciplines from a cycle of  basic and profile disciplines. For studying of these disciplines on the department there is an educational and methodical literature for laboratory works term papers in the state and Russian languages. Students can study disciplines in libraries of  the KarSTU using electronic multimedia presentations.

Educational process includes an introductory internship and a field internship.

Students pass field internships at the enterprises, such as:  ASEKarScRIIS, RSSE RSCRI “Labor safety” Karaganda branch, Corporation “Machine-building consortium, National center of occupational health and occupational diseases, MARS “Komir”.

The hardware of  the”Mine aerology and  labor safety ” department .

In 2010  the department bougth: the measuring instrument of noise and vibration NVI-003-М3№930, Portable measuring instrument of humidity and temperature IHT-7, the laboratory installation “Efficiency and Quality of  Lighting” BZh 1M, the Gas analyzer of figurative AHKAT-310-01, the stand simulator “Security and fire alarm system”, Laboratory BZh 6/1, BZh 6/2 stands, the Anemometer manual electronic АME№64, Mikromanometr MMN-250 who allow to give practical and laboratory classes at high level.