Lecture to the International Labour Protection Day

On April 24, 2018, in the audience 207 of the second academic building, the Department of “Mine aerology and labour protection” held a lecture dedicated to the International Labor Protection Day on the theme “Analysis and causes of industrial injuries at the enterprises of Karaganda region” for students majoring in 5B073100 “Life safety and environmental protection”. Lecture to the Labour Protection Day was read by the honoured guest, the acting head of SE”Department of labour inspection of Karaganda Region” Balsariyev Kanatbek Sharapbekovich.

As it was noted by the lecturer, trauma is an important social and hygienic problem, the solution of which is inextricably connected to the improvement of the health of workers, with a decrease in temporary disability, disability, mortality, with an increase in life expectancy. Trauma causes enormous social and economic damage and represents a serious socio-economic, medical problem.

This lecture was attended by the head of the Department “Mine aerology and labour protection” Associate Professor, Ph.D. Zholmagambetov N.R., staff of the Department and students of the groups BZHD-15-2, BZHD-16-1,2,3, BZHD-16-3.