KSTU held a charity event “Letter to Santa Claus”

New year is time of magic, smiles and happiness. Everyone can believe in fairy tales, to plunge into the atmosphere of something unusual, mysterious, mesmerising and certainly unforgettable on this holiday.

New year is the time of fulfillment of the most cherished dreams for all children.

Karaganda State Technical University held an annual event “Letter to Santa Claus”.

The purpose of this action is to purchase gifts for children from children’s social institutions, large families, disadvantaged and families in need whose parents cannot buy them.

Even simple dreams about toys for children-orphans and children from large or disadvantaged families are comparable to a miracle. On New Year’s Eve they are asking about a specific gift in their “Letters to Santa Claus”.

On the first stage, the volunteers of the Youth charitable organization “Akniet” KSTU visited children in need and helped them to write “Letters to Santa”.

During the second stage of the campaign, the volunteers organized a collection of gifts purchased by the administration, employees and students of the University.

The wishes of the children were diverse – from soft toys to warm winter jackets and shoes.

At the end of the campaign, all the gifts were personally delivered to each child by volunteers in costumes of Father Frost and Snow Maiden.

In total, more than 100 children were given gifts within the campaign.

Sincere grateful smiles of the children and their parents, tears of joy are great happiness and the best New Year gift. Such small things make it possible again to believe in fairy tales and Christmas magic and make other people a little kinder!