In Karaganda, the rectors signed the anti-corruption сharter of the higher educational institutions of the region

03 May 2017, rectors of the universities signed the anti-corruption charter of the higher educational institutions of the region in Karaganda. The signing ceremony was held in E.A. Buketov KSU. It was attended by the heads of KSU, KSTU, “Bolashak” and universities od residential neighbourhood. The document outlines the key mechanisms and formulation of combating and prevention of corruption in universities and institutes.

Now, the universities plan to hold sessions and forums, which will discuss topical issues related to corruption, and to talk about the consequences of such offences.

The signing of the charter took place in the framework of the forum “In the future without bribes! Together!”. Participants were shown videos of anti-corruption and told that in case of attempt of extortion of a bribe it is necessary to contact the rector’s offices of the universities and not to go on a leash of corrupt officials in any case.