Scientific work of the departament

План НИРС-2016-2017

План НИР кафедры 2016-2017

Таble 1

The report on the scientific activities of the

“Vocational training” department

during the first semester of 2016

1.Completed scientific activities

Execution of the state budget themes under the budget program: 217 “Development of science”, sub-program 102 “Grant financing of scientific research”

1.1) the name of the theme – The development of scientific and practical foundations of the innovative system of vocational guidance for young people in the context of socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan

The title of section – Studying the experience of developed countries in systems of youth vocational guidance

The basis for implementation is Contract No. 336-11 of May 13, 2016.

Scientific adviser – Egorov V.V., professor

Main results – The scientific and methodological basis of the innovative YPO system was developed in the conditions of socio-economic modernization of Kazakhstan: ART and the market of educational services; Study of the social aspect of YPO; Development of innovative approaches to YPO; Development of the concept of vocational guidance in the conditions of industrial-innovative development. Collected and systematized data of the media library by YPO.

Additional results – 1 scientific publication.

2 students are involved in research

The total money amount for 2016 is 2 106,113 thousand tenge.

1.2) Theme – Development of an innovative approach to the training of engineering and pedagogical personnel for industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan

The title of the section – The development of the continuous vocational education of engineering and pedagogical staff model system on the basis of the competence approach:

The basis for implementation is Contract No. 336-12 dated May 13, 2016.

Supervisor – Udartseva S.M., Associate Professor

Main results – analysis of the current state of engineering and pedagogical education preparation in Kazakhstan; A draft concept for the innovative development of engineering and pedagogical education in the Republic of Kazakhstan; Components of the system of continuous professional education of engineering and pedagogical personnel on the basis of a competence approach.

Additional results – 2 scientific publications.

One Master degree student, one Bachelor degree student

The total amount of money for 2016 is 2 094,731 thousand tenge.

2) Participation in the TEMPUS-V QUEECA project (CTECA) The quality of technical education in Central Asia (scientific advisor – G.M. Smirnova, participants Egorov V.V., Gotting V.V.), on the results of the project was held online seminar (24.03.2016).

3) Participation in the project “Central Asian Network” Vocational Education “: Training and network of teachers within the PBBZ” Success “, was sent a preliminary report on the work done – S.M. Udartseva.

2 Publications of scientific research results

2.1 Books (monographs) – 2

  1. Portnov V.S., Yurov V.M., Egorov V.V., Ozhigina S.B. Physical properties of metal nanoparticles, their compounds and natural minerals. – Kazakhstan, KSTU, 2016. – 396 p.
  2. Bakina Yu.A., Kurymbaeva S.K., Samashova G.E., Nurmaganbetova M.S., Kurymbaev S.G. Competence approach in education. Section: Methodology of the content approach in education. – M .: Zebra. – 339 p.

2.2 Published articles in journals – 7

Тable 2

Total: articles published, total – 7

In rated journals – 3

KSTU – –


UIS – 3

Abroad – 2

Students / with students – – / –

Master degree students/ with master degree sudents – – / –

2.3 – Published reports (abstracts) at conferences

Table 3

Total: reports published, total – 24

international – 6

Including, in KSTU – 5

RK – –

UIS – 1

Abroad – –

Students / with students – 18 / –

Master degree students / with master degree students – – / –

2.2 Published articles in articles digest– none

  1. Participation in exhibitions – none
  1. Inventive activity – none
  1. Academic degrees, titles, election in the Academy of Sciences

And the awards received by the teaching staff and the staff of the department -none

  1. Participation in contests for Scientific Research funding – none
  1. Results of scientific work on cooperation agreements with organizations of Kazakhstan

In the Resource Center for Vocational Education on the basis of the Secondary School No. 5 (agreement dated on November 25, 2009, the head of the department was Ph.D., associate professor Samashova G.E.), the meetings were held with the aim of identifying mutual cooperation, the result of which were Joint publication of the director of the RCSE Utemuratova B.K. With Associate Professor of the Department of Software Gotting V.V. Report at the conference “Integration of science, education and production – the basis for implementing the Plan of the Nation” (Saginov;s Readings No. 8), KSTU, June 23-24, 2016.

  1. Results of scientific work under contracts on international cooperation

As part of the cooperation agreement No. 58 dated on May 17, 2010, the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking (Russia, Novosibirsk) exchanged experience: consultations were held by the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Chair “Pedagogy and Psychology” Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking Skibitsky E.G. with the candidates of the chair Chausova T.A., Bakina Yu.A., Kurymbaeva S.K. on the problems of higher education and professional pedagogy. The participation of Professor Egorov V.V.was held in the VII International Scientific and Practical Conference of Teachers, Postgraduates, Masters and Students of SAF & BD, 2016.

The training of Udartseva S.M., Chausova T.A. was carried out. in the Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin (Russia) within the framework of the agreement on cooperation of KSTU with the AOU VPO “Leningrad State University named after A.S. Pushkin “.

  1. Scientific work with students and Master degree students

The scientific club on professional pedagogy “Pedagogical researcher” (head – Ph.D., Gotting V.V.) is functioning at the department. The result is the fulfillment by 12 students of course and 5 – degree papers on scientific topics.

18 students of the department participated in the Republican student scientific conference “Contribution of youth science to the implementation of the” Kazakhstan-2050 “Strategy (April 14-15, 2016). The following students were selected according to the results of the conference:

1 Duisenbai Araylym Saparbekyzy – group VE-14-1. N.N. – Samashova G.E.

2 Kenzhebai Raushan Burshihanzyzy – group VE -14-1. N.N. – Nurmaganbetova M.S.

3 Kolyshkina Tatiana Alexandrovna – group VE -15-2. N.N. – Gotting V.V.

  1. Other scientific information

Egorov V.V., Udartseva S.M., Gotting V.V., Kurymbaeva S.G. participated in the sessions of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Integration of Science, Education and Production – the Basis for Realizing the Plan of the Nation” (Saginov’s Readings No. 8), KSTU, June 23-24, 2016, respectively, as Chairmen of the Sections and Secretaries of the Conference

Table 4