Jobs and scholarships for research and study abroad (filing in March)

Magazines of  Austrian publishing house

Austria, Vienna – submission to 28.02.15 Austrian Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences

Lists the names of grants and deadlines for submission of applications for participation:

Jobs abroad for post-docs (9)

Study abroad after the graduate (8)

Study abroad (4)

Postgraduate studies abroad (13)

 Foreign journals and monographs (RSCI)

Multidisciplinary scientific journals series “European scientific review” (Austria, Vienna):

European Science Review (articles only in English)

Europeenne Scientifique De La Revue (in French)

Europea Cientifico De La Revista (in Spanish)

Europaische Wissenschaft Abgeben (in German)

The collective monograph Austrian publishing houses with Austrian ISBN. Dispatch from Germany, Austria:

Austria, Vienna – up 01.03.15 Monograph “Innovations in technical and natural sciences

Austria, Vienna – constantly Edition monographs

Correspondence CIS conference

02.15 – Novosibirsk XLIII international scientific-practical Conference “engineering – from theory to practice” RSCI

02.15 – Novosibirsk XLII international scientific-practical Conference “Innovations in science”

02.15 – Novosibirsk XXIX international student scientific-practical Conference “Scientific community of students XXI century engineering science

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