International cooperation

Department of Vocational education and pedagogy


Professor of KSTU Ismakova B.S. took part in the II World Congress “EAST-WEST: the intersection of cultures”

International cooperation Department-PE and P (report on 03.04.2019)


The teaching staff of the chair is actively involved in:

Project TEMPUS-V QUEECA (CTE) The quality of technical education in Central Asia (scientific advisor – Smirnova G.M, participants Yegorov V.V, Gotting V.V).  The participation in an online seminar on the results of the project was also carried (03-24,2017).

Project “Central Asian network of” Professional Education “: Education and teachers network within the PBBZ« Success “, was sent a preliminary report on the work – Udartseva S.M.

As part of a cooperation agreement # 58 dated 05-17, 2016, with the Siberian Academy of Finance and Banking (Russia, Novosibirsk) by the exchange of experience: consulted  by Skibitskaya E.G.- Ph.D., professor, the head of “Pedagogy and Psychology” chair of Finance and banking Siberian Academy,  with candidates of the chair Chausova T.A, Bakin Y.A., Kurymbaeva S.K. on the problems of higher education and vocational education. Smirnova G.M. participated  in the VII International scientific-practical conference of teachers, graduate students, undergraduates and students SAFiBD, 2016.

Udartseva S.M., Chausova T.A. had a training at the Leningrad State University named after Pushkin A.S. (Russia) in the framework of a cooperation agreement with AOS KSTU VPO “Leningrad State University named after Pushkin A.S.”.

Associate Professor of PE chair Smirnova G.M., the director of CIP – was sent to the University named after Aristotle, Thessaloniki, Greece, 13-25 August ,2018 to study foreign experience in teaching psychological and pedagogical disciplines, and joint international research in education within the framework of «JASON» program. The work was conducted at the Faculty of Education, led by Dr. PhD Fotiadis D.K.

During the travel period the staff of the chair visited the following departments: pedagogical, psychological, architectural and constructional, geological. The particular interest was represented to such disciplines as Philosophical Review of Education, Sociology of Education, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Environmental Psychology.

During the trip the staff made the tour in Macedonia University, Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum (NOESIS), located in Thessaloniki.

Associated professor Udartseva S.M. was sent to Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hannover (Germany), to improve the scientific and pedagogical qualification, research, exchange of experiences on innovative teaching methods in the International Education Center IW e V from 17 July to 22 July, 2018, on the program of study “Methods of teaching and quality management in higher education.” As part of the course participants were introduced to the activities of the Centre, a course of lectures on traditional and innovative methods of teaching in high school (Prof. N. Mikhaylova), Motivator – training for managers (Professor Edgar Heineken), indicators of quality in higher education institution (Professor Oliver Platzeck).

During the training at the Centre the staff visited University of Düsseldorf named after Heinrih Geine, the Faculty of Psychology and met students majoring in social psychology.

They also visited  Nancy, University of Lorraine (France) to study the structure of educational institutions, improving the quality of education and improving the interaction of universities internal administrative structures, to increase scientific and pedagogical qualification, research, conducted exchange of experience on innovative teaching methods, to exchange the experience of self-preparation for educational programs international accreditation  in technical specialties in the accreditation agency ASIIN (Germany).They studied and analyzed the experience of accreditation of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe. The main direction of the research was to study the issues related to the opening new educational programs for graduate tragectories GPIIR-2 of mining and metallurgical complex.

Associate Professor of the chair Smirnova G.M., Associate Professor Udartseva S.M. participated in the International Conference WEEF 2017 DUBAI, as a member of the IGIP / 2017 WORLD ENGINIRING EDUCATION FORUM / United Arab Emirates, Dubai. December 3-6, 2017 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), where 43rd   International Conference of the International Society for Engineering Education IGIP 2016 took place at the World Forum on Engineering Education (“World Engineering Education Forum WEEF 2017”). Topic: “Engineering Education for a Global Community”.

Gotting V.V. and Samashova G.E. from 09/17/18 on September 19, 188, they took an active part in the work of the seminar “Program for the implementation of study programs” in Dushanbe. Representatives of universities from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Germany took part in the seminar. During the seminar, the development of integrative plans for the specialties “Vocational training” and “Technology of industrial products” of the trajectory “Food technologies and pedagogy” were discussed.