International cooperation

The  «Design, architecture, mechanical engineering» chair maintains creative relations with HIGH SCHOOLS of Russia and Kazakhstan, in particular at level of the contract on cooperation with the All-Russia scientific research institute of an industrial art (Russia, Moscow), contracts on cooperation with Tomsk state architecturally-building university (Russia, Tomsk), contracts on cooperation with chair of Design of the Moscow state university of technologies and management (Russia, Bashkortostan, branch in Meleuz).

«Applied mechanics» department actively cooperates with a number of foreign high schools within the limits of international contacts. Work in the educational methodical and scientific research plan with chairs Moscow state technical university of N.E. Bauman, Institute of Mechanics and engineering science of NAS the Kirghiz Republic (Bishkek), the Altay state technical university (Barnaul) is conducted. The cooperation contract with Novosibirsk state technical university is concluded.

In the limits of the international cooperation improvement of professional skill professors and teachers staff (scientific training) is carried out, professors and senior lecturers for lecturing on basic courses of creative specialities are involved, the exchange of the specialized educational and methodical literature is carried out.


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