International cooperation

International activities of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction (FAC) KSTU carried out in collaboration with international partners, inviting foreign scholars participating in international programs.

Chairs of FAC is actively working with our international partners:
– Chair, “History of Kazakhstan”  and “Social Humanities’  cooperate with the Yerevan State University (Armenia) on the socio-humanities and international relations;– Department of “Russian Language and Culture”  cooperates with the Moscow State Technical University (Russia) on skills, Ivanovo State Power University named by Lenin (Russia) on joint publications;

– The Department of “Construction materials and technology” work on the mobility of students from the International Education Corporation KazGASA (Almaty), EKSTU (Ust-Kamenogorsk), Moscow State Construction University (Russia ), Orel State Technical University (Russia), Belgorod State Technological University. VG Shukhov (Russia);
– Department of  «Design, architecture and applied mechanics» has been working at the level of agreement on cooperation and exchange of specialized training and instructional literature from the All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics (Russia), Tomsk State University of Civil Engineering (Russia), Department of Design Branch in Meleuz Moscow State University of Technology and Management (Russia). Department cooperates with the Novosibirsk State University (Russia) on the teaching of general engineering disciplines of mechanical cycle and for studying the dynamics and stability of aircraft.
The issues of cooperation:
– At the Department of “History of Kazakhstan” with the Russian Academy of Public Administration (Russia) in the direction of training and exchange of experience;
– The department “Construction materials and technology” with universities in the USA and France in the direction of technology innovation and construction of innovative building materials;
– In the department of “Design, architecture and applied mechanics” in the scientific training department staff involving lectures on the basic courses of creative disciplines, Chair plans by 2015 to conclude a treaty on a creative collaboration with the architectural and artistic Novosibirsk Academy  (Russia), Nizhniy Novgorod Academy of Architecture and Construction (Russia ), the Moscow Engineering Institute (Russia).

In order to implement international cooperation chairs of the IAS invited foreign scientists
– Chairs  “History of Kazakhstan”  to lecture on international relations and participate in the conference are invited Professor of Applied Sociology at Yerevan State University, d.polit.n. Atanesyan A. (Armenia);

– In the department “Department of  Design, architecture and applied mechanics” to read lectures and graduate students on the theory of vibrations and calculation of pulse systems invited Professor Technical University of Orel, Ph.D. Eshutkin DN (Russia);
– The department  “Construction materials and technology”  to read a lecture entitled “Scientific – Technical analysis of current trends in technology, modified concrete” for the PSP and graduate professor was invited to MSSU, Ph.D. Weaver, Tkach EV (Russia). The department for four scientific workshops were invited: Vice-Rector for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Ph.D., Academician VE Absimetov of Belgorod State Technological University named by VG Shukhov (Russia), Professor of Orel Technical University Ph.D. Eshutkin DN (Russia), Professor of Vilnius  Technical University  an architector Algis Vishnyunas (Lithuania) and Associate Professor of Heat, ventilation, and fluid mechanics of the Orenburg State University Ph.D. Legkich BM (Russia).

Academic mobility of students and undergraduates was carried out in IAS internship undergraduates:
– The department “Construction materials and technology” in MISI (Moscow, Russia) in 2010-2011;
– The department “Construction materials and technology” Technical University of Berlin (Germany)  from 15.09.2011  to 15.03.2012 on the base of international grant Erasmus Mundus;

– chair Smith in Inconsi University (South Korea, Inchoun), SPbSPU (Russia, St. Petersburg) and Taiwan University (Taiwan, H. Tamai) 2012-2013 academic years;

– in Czech technical University (Czech Republic, Prague) and Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia, Tomsk) 2013-2014 academic year;

– the Eurasian Academy (Slovakia, Bratislava) and Bolton University (England, Bolton), 2014-2015 academic years.