International cooperation

Academic mobility

In accordance with agreements about a cooperation:

1. Graduates of the department Lamzin D., Akhmetov B., Druzhinin A., Baibabin T., Tokhmetova K.M., Omarov A.S., Sundet G.E., Saifullin R. were passed during the semester of study in the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (MEI, Moscow city);
2. Master Nurmaganbetova G. has passed the training on the line of the USCO in UFU them. B.N. Eltsin. (Yekaterinburg city);
3. In the framework of the program «Double diploma education» was organized the training of masters Avilov I., Skublin V. in TPU (Tomsk city) and KSTU (Karaganda city);
4. Student of the 3rd course of the specialty «Automation and control» Seidigazimov Sh. was passed on International educational program ERASMUS MUNDUS in Czech technical university (Czech Republic, Prague city) on a speciality « Electrical engineering » (Electrical Engineering);
5. Student of the 3rd course of the specialty «Automation and control» Zhakan Zh. (Chairman of professional bureau ITEA from 09.2012 to 09.2013) was trained in the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic, Ostrava city) at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sc.;
6. Two students of the specialty «Automation and control» during the semester were studied in KazNTU (Almaty city), 9 students of the specialty «Automation and control» and 11 students of the specialty «Electrical engineering» were trained in KSIU (Temirtau town);
7. There is realized the academic mobility internet technology of masters and teachers in the department. The leading teachers give semester courses to the masters of the Moscow energetical institute (MEI), in turn leading teachers of the MEI and ОmSTU read lecture courses to the masters of KSTU.

External mobility of teachers:

Магистранты кафедры АПП в ОмГТУ

Masters of the department APP in ОmSTU

6 teachers of the department took part in various academic mobility programs. According to the program of USCO – prof. Breido I.V. in MEI (Moscow) and Smagulova K.K. in OmSTU (Omsk). By the program Synergy – prof. Breido I.V., prof. Feshin B.N., the senior lecturers Marquardt R.V. and Shpakova L.G., teacher Kotov E.S.

To the department APP to give lectures and challenging of doctoral thesis were visited 9 foreign scientists (Russia, Germany).
Total number of students, involving in academic exchange programs at the department APP amounted 46 persons, which corresponds 8% of the total number of students.
100% of masters have been trained abroad.
The total number of PPS, participating in the programs of academic mobility at the de-partment of APP was 22% (6 teachers).

The list of the foreign scientists invited by AIP chair in 2012

№ pp The name
of the foreign scientist
Scientific degree Work place The stay period
Activity kind
1 Леонов Сергей Владимирович Ph.D., Assistant professor Assistant professor of chair of integrated computer control systems, the head of the Training Division of the Institute of Cybernetics, Tomsk May-June 2012. lecturing, counseling masters and doctoral students
2. Нейдорф Рудольф Анатольевич Ph.D., Professor Don State Technical University, Head of chair of computer software technology and automated systems (Rostov-on-Don) September-October 2012. lecturing, counseling masters and doctoral students

Department of automation and production procedures invited Professor of Berlin Technical University Lucas Wilmar, who will take part from 20.11.2011 till 27.11.2011 in the international theoretical and practical conference “Mining and Metallurgical complex in Kazakhstan: problems and prospects of innovation development.” He will read a series of lectures on “Modern trends in automation. Smart-technology in automation” and also he will give a master-class for undergraduates, students and faculty of KarSTU.

Public and International Affairs:

  1. Breydo I.V. participated in a workshop in Moscow on the organization of laboratory work with MEI, but also in remote mode at the meeting in SevNTU.
  2. Breydo I.V. is president of the International Organization for automating “DAAAM” in Kazakhstan, which includes 47 countries, with headquarters in Vienna, as well as included in the international scientific committee “DAAAM” in 2010.
  3. Department of automation of manufacturing processes of the Karaganda State Technical University under the supervision of Professor I.V. Breydo together with units of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Baltic State Technical University, Omsk State Technical University, Sevastopol National Technical University on the basis of signed contracts involved in the international project “Synergy.” The project is implemented under the auspices of Concern “FESTO” (Austria, Germany). The project aims to combine mechatronics laboratories of universities over the Internet and creating an integrated educational complex on the basis of joint laboratories and joint research and teaching staff. General information platform makes it possible to develop integrated curricula based on the best university teaching materials. The project will create modern, unparalleled, integrated remote sensing technology for engineering education of the 21st century;
  4. The department liaises with the IGD by A.A. Skochinskiy (Moscow), Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Moscow), Tula State University, MGATHT (Moscow State. Academy of Fine Chemical Technology), LGI (St. Petersburg), Novosibirsk State Technical University (Novosibirsk), UGGA (Yekaterinburg ), Omsk State Technical University, Omsk institute of radio electronics, service and diagnostics, Novosibirsk State Academy of Water Transport in Ulyanovsk and Irkutsk State Technical University, Don State Technical University.
  5. The Department participates in the University of the SCO in the specialty “Electric Power”, with the NSTU (Novosibirsk), Kirghiz State Technical University. them. Razzakov. (Bishkek) and the Tajik Technical University named after academician MS Osimi (Dushanbe).
  6. Agreement on cooperation within the framework of SCO, in the Ural Federal University. BN Yeltsin.
  7. Signed a cooperation agreement with Lipetsk State Technical University (LGTU) and DonGTU.

Expected to further deepen ties with related departments of universities of the CIS, participating in UMC by electromechanics and automation in mining, educational and methodical association of universities of the Russian Federation on the rock formation in the framework of the National Center for forming the body of mining engineers and scientists in Russia, which is an associate member of KSTU.

The results of the cooperation agreements

Made an agreement with MEI (Moscow, Russia) on twodiplomed education in “Automation and Control.” Graduate study Shary S.A.

Breydo I.V. involved in developing distance learning technologies, together with the heads of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Baltic State Technical University, Omsk State Technical University, Sevastopol National Technical University signed a cooperation agreement in the international project “Synergy.” Ongoing joint participation in the international project “Synergy” (MEI BSTU, Omsk State Technical University, SevNTU, the company Festo). The project Breydo IV was at a seminar – meeting in Omsk, two graduate student were trained in the Omsk State Technical University. Master of Shary SA enrolled in KSTU in MEI program twodiplomed education.

PPS and students of the department participated in the First International Internet – Conference on the basis of Omsk State Technical University.