The chair «Information technology and security» maintains long-term creative relations with Tomsk polytechnical university (Russia), University of Toronto (Canada). Cooperation is shown in scientific communications, methodical consultations, the joint edition of the educational literature, an exchange of uchebno-methodical materials.

In 2009 chair IT and S became the partner of the European commonwealth in the project of Tempus ERAMIS Network post graduated program «Computer science as the second competence». Project ERAMIS is the regional joint project in which are involved: 5 European partners (France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Spain), 5 partners from Russia, 3 partners from Kyrgyzstan and 4 from Kazakhstan (the Kazakh national university of Al-Farabi, Almaty; Innovative Euroasian university, Pavlodar; the Karaganda state technical university; Open Company “System engineering”, Almaty).

The overall objective of project TEMPUS ERAMIS – creation of a network of universities in the Euroasian educational space, including in Kazakhstan that will allow to increase mobility of students and to raise quality of training, actively to influence development of economy of Kazakhstan as at the present stage of development of a society information-communication technologies are the catalyst of development of economy.

The supervisor of studies and the coordinator of the project – managing chair «Information systems» M.K.Bajmuldin managing chair «System of the automated designing» Kokkoz of M. of M.

In June, 2011 PhD Katsaga Т.Я (University of Toronto, Canada) on the basis of KarSTU took part in conference «Science and education – the leading factor of strategy« Kazakhstan – 2030 »(Saginovsky readings №3)», and also has held scientific seminars, master classes, lectures and presentations in the field of information technology and geomechanics for professorial teaching structure of chair IT and S undergraduates and bachelors of a speciality «Computer facilities and the software».

Students of institute of computer technologies and system engineering have possibility of reception of two-degree education under program Double Degree developed on a basis master’s of the program on a speciality 230100 «Computer science and computer facilities» automatics and computer facilities faculty (AVTF) Tomsk polytechnical university  (TPU) and post graduated programs on a speciality 6N0704 «Computer facilities and the software» KarGTU. Training within the limits of the program passes during 4 semesters. In case of successful end present post graduated Double Degree programs are awarded following degrees:

– Degree of the master of technics and technologies of AVTF TPU;

– Degree of the master of computer facilities and the software of  IKTS KarSTU.