International cooperation

Period from May 6 to May 12, 2018, a study tour was conducted by the Head of the Department of Ch and ChT Takibaeva A.T. to the Technical University of Dresden and to the Technical University of Berlin (Germany) under the GIZ program “Professional Education in Central Asia” (PBBZ). Participated 19 representatives of various universities implementing educational programs.



On April 20, 2018, the Department of Ch and ChT of the Shikhatsi University was visited by Rector Zai Wenbo. The excursion was provided by the Department of Excellence and presented at the expedition.

In the framework of international cooperation Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology actively collaborates with a number of leading international universities (near and far abroad). The important direction of international cooperation is scientific work in the framework of science intergovernmental agreements   between Russia and other countries as well as in international scientific programs. In the international cooperation young researchers, graduate students and students of KSTU are actively participating.

Our official partners are: SRTU “MI of S and M”, the Bashkortostan division of “MSUTM”  Department  “Technology of food production”,  Orenburg State University Department of Chemistry, and the SR TPU and TSU. This collaboration for joint scientific research projects in the field of tests on different types of biological activity of newly synthesized compounds and expanding arsenal biogumin preparations with further introduction them in agriculture, as well as conducting scientific training

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology  closely works with many departments of foreign universities in such  areas as  chemistry, technology, biotechnology and ecology on the basis of agreements of cooperation between  KSTU and universities of foreign  countries.

In February 2018, According to the international program GIZ “Vocational education and training in Central Asia” acting as the head of the department  Сh & ChT Takibaeva A.T. took part in the seminar GIZ KICK-OFF WORKSHOP, organized by GWT-TU Dresden. Professors Thomas Köller, Jens Drummer, Martina Pletsch-Betancourt were introduced to the 10-step model for creating a results-based monitoring and evaluation system.




In November 2016, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department “Information technologies of fuel and energy complex” (Saint-Petersburg) Maya Uspenskaya visited our department.


3 October 2016, bachelors and doctoral (postgraduate students)  of Rhine-Westphalia Technical University of Aachen (Germany) in the amount of 17 people visited our department. They visited the Laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute “New materials” and specialized laboratories of chemical technology of organic substances, biotechnology, mineral processing. Then there was a meeting of students specialty 5V073700 “Mineral processing”  with guests from Germany.

At this meeting the head of department S. Kabieva told the guests about the University, about specialties, departments, and students of KSTU.  Associate Professor N. Omarova  sad about the future prospects of the specialty “Mineral processing”, future employment and students research work.

Associate Professor N. Omarova  sad about the future prospects of the specialty “Mineral processing”, future employment and students research work.


Further conversation was held as “question-answer mode”, where students of our university asked questions to the guests from Germany. Basically, the students were interested in conditions of entering  to the master’s degree in Germany, Master’s scholarship and living conditions. On our question: Do you like to Kazakhstan, the guests answered – very much! At the end of the meeting, students and guests from Germany have exchanged by e-mail addresses. Now the department prepared  Memorandum of cooperation between the Rhine-Westphalia Technical University of Aachen (Germany) and KSTU.


Guests from Germany with the teachers of our department visited some Divisions of the “ArselorMittal Temirtau” Enterprise: converter, steel and finished products, where they got acquainted with the technology of steel production. During the excursion gests  asked questions.

After that they visited the branch of KSTU in “Zh. Abishev Chemical and Metallurgical Institute”/ There they looked through  the directions of the research work of laboratory “Ore processing”, “Chemistry and technology of high-silicon materials” as well as the equipment and experimental facilities.

Internships Senior Lecturer of the Department Tseshkovsky E.A.