Interfaculty competition among students of the 1st course with the state language of instruction for the best presentation of their future specialty

As part of the implementation of the program “Ruhani Zhan »yru” of the subprogramme “Turbiye zhane bіlіm” of the basic direction “Sanaly Azamat”, the Department of the Russian Language and Culture 30.10 2018 holds the Inter-Faculty Competition for the best presentation of its future specialty involving senior high school No. 58 of Karaganda. The main aspect of the event is a focus on increasing the growth of the competitiveness of students as future professionals.

To participate in the competition, students of all faculties of KSTU and students of the 11th grade of school No. 58 in the number of 40 people were involved.

The objectives of the planned event are;

  1. Support for students in the process of choosing a future profession;
  2. Formation of interest, love and respect for their profession and specialty;
  3. Formation of moral values, social guidelines and civic activism;
  4. The development of oral monologue of students;
  5. Training in public speaking and public speaking skills.


Organizers and responsible for the event: Head. Department of RL&C, Associate Professor Ospanova B.R., teachers Tungushbaeva B.K., Kishenova A.Y.